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The Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in London during Frieze week

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic picks his top 5 art exhibitions to see during Frieze Week. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. Those looking for more shows should see his last week’s top 5 where three remain open to visit.

Christo: Early Works @ Gagosian Open, 4 Princelet Street
Christo was an artist known for his monumental works but here we see his early pieces where his trademark wrapped objects exist but at a smaller scale housed within this beautiful grade listed Georgian building in East London, alongside wall based works that were new to me. Curated by Elena Guena, it’s the perfect way to inaugurate Gagosian’s new programme of off-site projects. Until 22 October.

Daisy Collingridge: Splanchnic @ TJ Boulting
Soft fleshy limbs, bodies and a giant head you can crawl into are all part of the artist’s pink coloured world. Making what’s under our skins visible with references to both art history and contemporary art, this is an anatomical exhibition that’s engaging and playful. Until 11 November.

Ian Davenport: Lake @ Waddington Custot
Paint literally spills forth on to the floor, it’s the style of painting that Davenport is known for. This time he’s gone much further and it’s spreading out so far into the gallery it feels like we could get stuck in it. It’s always a pleasure to see an artist pushing their practice further and even better when it looks this good. Until 11 November.

In Living Memory @ All Saint’s Chapel, Fitzrovia
A Louise Bourgeois woven woman hangs suspended from the ceiling alongside two of her totemic works in this beautiful chapel that I had never visited before. It’s accompanied by Gideon Rubin’s paintings of faceless women and a soundtrack by Nicolas Godin. It’s hidden away but well worth seeking out. Until 27 October.

Sullivan+Strumpf: Story, Place @ No 9 Cork Street
Bringing together a diverse array of Indigenous and diasporic artists this exhibition ranges from casts of flung bronze on a wall that looks like an island formation to Tony Albert’s wall sized installation of “Aboriginalia” that reclaims it and turns what has been seen as kitsch into fine art. Curated by Albert and Jenn Ellis it’s a layered and powerful collection of works. Until 21 October.

All images copyright relevant gallery and artist. Christo photo: Lucy Dawkins. exhibitions to see during Frieze Week



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