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MELT, pays homage to the legendary FREEZE exhibition curated by Damien Hirst in 1988

MELT, pays homage to the legendary FREEZE exhibition curated by Damien Hirst in 1988- Hypha Studios (HS) and Creative Land Trust (CLT) join forces to present a new exhibition, as part of Frieze 2023, spotlighting the work of 32 artists & creatives helped by their partnership.

JON KIPPS, Peace Test 2023 mycelium wood dye, chameleon paint rope vinyl lettering flexi ply 126 x 105 x 105cm

At Hypha Studios we believe culture should be at the heart of our towns and communities, so we transform empty high street commercial spaces into free exhibition space for local artists. We have done this up and down the country, from Bristol to Penrith, Eastbourne to Dudley. In London we are particularly excited about what we can offer, including this new gallery in Euston – which after MELT, our celebratory launch exhibition, will become home to a series of rolling exhibitions by artists and curators successful from a free open call

Camilla Cole & Will Jennings, Hypha Studios

In a city pulsating with creative energy, MELT shines a spotlight on the source of London’s artistic vibrancy. Featured prominently are Hypha Studios’ own talent, including Margaret Ayres, Luca Bosani, and Kialy Tihngang.

These artists have been granted invaluable free studio and exhibition space in London, a testament to the organisation’s commitment to fostering innovation. Further enriching the showcase are CLT’s brilliant studio holders from the Wallis Road site, including artists such as Shiori Akiba, Enej Gala, and Zarina Khan. Notably, the exhibition also presents CLT’s ambassadors – Adelaide Damoah, Haroon Mirza, and Emmanuel Unaji – united in the cause of ensuring artists have opportunities to thrive.

The exhibition’s title, MELT, pays homage to the legendary FREEZE exhibition curated by Damien Hirst in 1988 – a pivotal moment that echoes the current climate of creative evolution. Just as the Young British Artists emerged from that time, MELT raises poignant questions about the future of contemporary artists amid the wealth of unclaimed spaces. Creative Land Trust and Hypha Studios are aligned in their mission and provoke audiences to think about who and what will flourish when artists are afforded the space they deserve.

MELT is the inaugural exhibition at Hypha Studios’ brand-new central London location, Regent’s Place, as part of a three-year partnership with British Land. Regent’s Place, owned by British Land, is a fully managed campus including a mix of offices, retail and residential property and is expected to host a number of other exhibitions over the three-year period. British Land provides high-quality space to a broad range of local organisations on an affordable basis as part of their commitment to create long-lasting positive impact on the communities they operate within.

MARIA POSITANO Beetle Shield in Gold 2023 paper pulp, restoration powders, chrome pigments, epoxy putty, black clay, steel base 70 x 30 x 50 cm – 

I became involved with the CLT for the simple reason that it’s imperative for the cultural wellbeing of our capital to accommodate and support artists. Art is at the very core of creativity and without it we are stale. London and the UK are quickly becoming inhospitable for creative practices, which needs to be thoroughly addressed immediately.

Haroon Mirza, Creative Land Trust Ambassador,

MELT, 9th –22nd October 2023, Unit 3. Euston Tower. 286 Euston Road hyphastudios.com/melt


Hypha Studios emerged as an idea during the pandemic, prompted by the three-sided problem of increasing high street vacancies, loss of community spaces and deteriorating conditions for artists and creatives. Founded by Camilla Cole and Will Jennings, both curators, the non-profit organisation was set up with three core objectives: one, to bring culture and engagements in the arts to the public throughout the UK, two, to help landowners keep their assets alive through an injection of local creativity; and three, to help artists unlock new bounds of creativity by unlocking vacant units, free of charge. hyphastudios.com



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