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Open Art Surgeon transforms Damien Hirst’s ‘The Currency’ into small change.

The Open Art Surgeon transforms Damien Hirst’s ‘The Currency’ into small change. The Open Art Surgeon’s latest project – A playful take on accessibility and art, inspired by Hirst’s ‘The Currency’

A few days from now, the Open Art Surgeon will unveil their latest art drop Small Change. This imaginative project dives into accessibility and artistry, igniting conversations about art, ownership, and inspiration.

Open Heart Surgeon transforms Damien Hirst's 'The Currency'

By literally taking a scalpel to an original piece from Damien Hirst’s The Currency, the Open Art Surgeon embarks on an exciting adventure of creativity and inclusivity. Breaking free from norms, Small Change sees the transformation of an original painting from Hirst’s iconic series into 100 distinct pieces, all works of art in their own right.

These 100 unique fragments of the original artwork will be sold at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a piece on the secondary market from this, one of Hirst’s most notorious series. This artistic leap challenges the usual exclusivity that tends to come with high-profile art, making it possible for art enthusiasts from all walks of life to grab their own piece of contemporary art history.

Building on Success: A Proven Record

Small Change rides the wave of success from the Open Art Surgeon’s previous projects. Over the past year their artistic dissections of original Damien Hirst spin paintings has earned them a quickly growing core of enthusiastic collectors and sparked conversations that still sizzle.

Empowerment and Unity Through Art

At the heart of The Open Art Surgeon’s game plan is the idea that art should empower and connect. By giving more people the ability to own a part of the original The Currency painting, they’re introducing fractionalized art ownership to a wider public.

Art’s Magical Transformation

By dissecting this painting and transforming it into a multitude of smaller works, the Open Art Surgeon is actually just carrying out the instructions of Hirst’s publisher Heni who state on their website

‘keep it, trade it, change it, use it, enjoy it’.  

Where and How to Get Involved

For the full story on Small Change and how to get your hands on your own piece, head over to openartsurgeon.com/small-change 

Got questions? Reach out to admin@openartsurgeon.com and let the art adventures begin!

About The Open Art Surgeon

The Open Art Surgeon is like that cheeky mate who’s always got a brilliant idea. Their mission? To make art inclusive, exciting, and something everyone can be a part of. With a knack for turning expensive classics into affordable modern hits, they’re the game-changers that art needs.



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