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How Neora Is Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship and Self-Care

In a world where women continue to face barriers and limitations, Neora, a leading skincare, wellness, hair care, and weight-loss enterprise, emerges as a beacon of hope, breaking through the glass ceiling and empowering women to shatter boundaries. Neora isn’t just a company but a movement that champions women’s entrepreneurship and self-care. With a commitment to providing exceptional skincare and wellness products, Neora offers women the opportunity to thrive professionally and personally. By embracing the power of entrepreneurship, Neora equips women with the tools and support they need to create their own success stories. 

Through its innovative business model, Neora empowers women to take control of their financial futures while prioritizing self-care and overall well-being. With Neora, women can break free from societal limitations, rise above the challenges, and pave their way toward a future filled with confidence, success, and fulfillment. 

Neora’s Secret to Success: Female Intuition

When co-founder Amber Olson Rourke established Neora in 2011, she was in her mid-20s. At the time, various executives fulfilled distinct roles, particularly those in C-level positions. Consequently, she had to embark on a personal journey to develop confidence in her instincts as a woman and herself. She says, “There’s so many times where we were sitting at a table and coming up with an idea and someone who maybe had more experience than me or was more outspoken than me would go one way. And I would just feel in my gut that isn’t the right path, but I would just let it go and say, ‘They must know better.’ And then I saw it play out time and time again, whenever I did that, it wasn’t the right path.”

As someone who falls within the target demographic for Neora’s products, Olson Rourke has a unique perspective on what its market — mostly busy moms — would find useful and appealing in their daily lives. This perspective has been invaluable in providing guidance on the direction of Neora’s products and the company’s overall direction. 

Olson Rourke says, “There will always be some people who don’t value women as much, but I think on a whole, most people do. Most people will give you your seat at the table and your voice, but we have to learn to trust our own voice and to not assume that somebody else, just because they have more experience or they’re a male or they have a bigger title, knows more than we do. We have to confidently show up at our seat at the table and act like we deserve that seat and have a confident voice in that seat. And when women do that, I do feel like they are heard and that they are really great leaders.” 

Elevating Female Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

Since a significant amount of Neora’s offerings resonate strongly with women, it’s no surprise that most of its brand’s partner base is female. Olson Rourke says, “When done the right way, direct sales is one of the most empowering platforms for women because you can make it your own. And it’s a true equal starting place knowing there’s no glass ceiling, there’s no one that gets to tell you how far you can and can’t go.” 

At Neora, the environment fosters collaboration rather than competition, uplifting one another, ensuring that everyone progresses together. This creates an ideal space for women from diverse backgrounds, age groups, and educational experiences to have something they can call their own. They can acquire new skills, receive encouragement, share their passions, and grow, regardless of their starting point in terms of education or socioeconomics.

Olson Rourke realizes that when you’re leading a large sales team consisting primarily of women, it’s essential to understand their specific challenges. She says, “That’s hard to 100% understand when you’re not a woman, the unique fears of a woman and the struggle of being a working mom. So one of my biggest roles is to help move our brand partners past those roadblocks. I think I’m able to do that in a way that really resonates with them because it’s those same roadblocks I’ve had to remove for myself and learn how to get past, and so I can share my own journey. I think it then really resonates with them and empowers them, that they can make those same choices.”



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