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Toast Family: Building an Influential Lifestyle Brand with Emotional Sustenance

With an impressive sell-out on its first day of launch, Toast Family has quickly gained attention. Vivien Luo, the chief designer, emphasizes the significance of forming a lifestyle brand and shares her insights. According to Vivien Luo, designers with strong business acumen play a vital role in building a robust brand image. It’s not just about creating aesthetically pleasing designs; understanding the market and consumer behavior is equally important.

Toast Family’s recent achievement of winning the DNA Paris Design Awards, along with previously sweeping platinum and gold awards from distinguished institutions such as Graphic Design USA, Hermes Creative Awards, and Muse Creative Awards, has positioned the brand at the forefront of the industry.

With such accolades under their belt, Toast Family is now on a journey to explore the epitome of building a successful lifestyle brand. The brand’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is driving them to reach new heights.

Beyond merely offering products, Toast Family goes the extra mile to establish emotional sustenance for its customers

In the past 4 years, people’s lifestyles have undergone drastic changes, largely influenced by the pandemic. A recent report from University of Michigan revealed a staggering statistic: 41% of older adults were reported feeling isolated in June 2020 and this figure was just 34% in 2018. Living alone experienced feelings of loneliness. The need for companionship has become more pronounced, and the younger generation, in particular, places a high value on emotional sustenance. They yearn for something to embrace, someone to confide in after a long day – a genuine emotional response.

For Vivien and her team, this shift in societal needs presented a unique opportunity to position their brand. They aspired to create a lifestyle brand that prioritizes emotional well-being. Vivien expressed, “If our customers find comfort in hugging our plush products or even confiding in them as they would with their pets or close friends, then we will have achieved our mission.”

By focusing on the emotional aspect of their brand, Toast Family acknowledges the importance of companionship and genuine connection in today’s fast-paced and often isolating world. Through their thoughtful designs, engaging social media content, and personal interactions at local fairs, they aim to bring comfort, joy, and a sense of belonging to their customers.

The plush products they offer serve as more than just inanimate objects; they become symbols of solace and understanding. The dreamy and cozy brand image creates an inviting atmosphere, enveloping customers in a warm embrace of emotional support.

By catering to the desires of individuals living alone, Toast Family’s approach resonates deeply with those seeking authentic companionship. This emphasis on emotional sustenance sets them apart and establishes a unique and meaningful connection with their audience.

A compelling and well-crafted brand image plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of potential customers and setting a brand apart from its competitors

“We never entertained the idea of competing with cushion and pillow giants like the top sellers on Amazon.” Vivien and her team chose a different approach, akin to how solo entrepreneurs establish their influence through unique characteristics. They harnessed the power of social media, creating viral content, and actively participated in local fairs. “We attended local fairs to connect with customers in person.” Despite online selling being dominant today, the team firmly believed that meeting face-to-face would foster a stronger bond, especially for emerging small businesses.

The response to their plushes was overwhelming, selling out on the very first day they appeared at the fair in San Francisco. “This success wouldn’t have been possible without an impressive brand image,” remarked one customer named Sarah. “I absolutely adore the entire brand design. The website banner depicted a scene where a toast family lived in a real kingdom castle, leading a happy life, and caring for each other like siblings.” Sarah continued to praise the brand image, saying it created a dreamy and cozy world where her home now resides. 

Vivien adopted this visual style because she believes that customers nowadays don’t just buy products. they seek experiences and connections that evoke emotions and resonance.

By carefully curating their visual identity, messaging, and overall brand personality, Toast Family was able to resonate with their target audience on a deeper level. The dreamy and pinky vibe, coupled with the cozy and comforting imagery of the toast plush products, created an emotional connection with customers seeking solace and genuine companionship.

The uniqueness of their products, combined with their commitment to emotional sustenance, appealed to individuals looking for something more than just physical possessions. This distinctiveness set them apart from the competition and garnered a loyal customer base.

Toast Family’s remarkable success can be attributed to their impressive brand image, which embodies the essence of their unique characteristics. By staying true to their vision and consistently delivering on their promises, they were able to establish a strong and influential presence in the market.

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