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Massive Damien Hirst spin painting created with Flaming Lips frontman wins award.

One of the largest Damien Hirst spin paintings created in collaboration with Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne was recently named a 2023 CODAawards Top 100 winner.

In 2012, artist Damien Hirst and Flaming Lips’ lead vocalist Wayne Coyne collaborated to create a massive spin art painting called “Beautiful Mystical Exploding Sun Clouds Taste Metallic,” measuring over 18′ x 18′. Four years later, it was displayed at Wayne Coyne’s private studio, The Womb. In 2018, the painting was released on loan to the City of Oklahoma City for a ten-year exhibition.

To accomplish the project’s goals, the Kasum Contemporary Fine Art team had to handle and preserve the delicate 800-pound latex on canvas artwork without letting it touch the ground. Due to facility constraints, the installation timeline was shortened to 26 days from the initial 40 days. The team worked tirelessly, adjusting and re-stretching the painting over 20 days to maintain its condition.

The process involved moving the painting in two large crates, allowing it to adapt to the new environment. The custom eighty-piece aircraft aluminum stretcher was assembled, and installation cleats and rigging were fabricated. A modular suspension system was designed to facilitate the vertical installation of the artwork with minimal equipment.

This project not only serves as a Welcoming Attraction for Visitors but also connects Oklahoma City’s art and music culture to the UK’s collaborative history between Wayne Coyne and Damien Hirst. The artwork now graces the Oklahoma Convention Center Mezzanine Ballroom Lobby, showcasing the remarkable collaboration in a public space. The installation was carefully executed to preserve the painting’s integrity, making it a unique and unforgettable sight for residents and visitors alike.

More details over on the CODA/worx site: codaworx.com



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