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Bocen Zhou finalist at the MullenLowe NOVA awards 2023 talks to FAD.

FAD managed to have a quick chat with the 5 finalists of the MullenLowe NOVA Awards 2023 here we have Bocen Zhou from the BA Jewellery Design course at Central Saint Martins who was chosen for her Tight Knit project.

Bocen Zhou finalist at the MullenLowe NOVA awards 2023 talks to FAD.

Can you tell us about your practice and/or project?
Using the medium of silver wire and crochet techniques, I took inspiration from my grandmother’s hand-knitted sweater, an uncomfortable garment but made with love. Wool symbolizes the love of elders, it is soft and warm. Silver is cold and prickly, which is how I feel about sweaters. I want to use the contrast of these two materials to show complex intergenerational dynamics. Make scars more visible with silver wire repair.

I hope the project makes people think about intergenerational relationships. The aim is for the work to become a bridge so that generations can better understand each other and all families in the world can embrace each other with love.

What was the best thing about your time at Central Saint Martins?

I have had so many wonderful moments at CSM. My favourite time is when I work with classmates in workshops. The atmosphere is great when we all work seriously, and sometimes we chat while working. We enjoy sharing and discussing new samples and ideas together. It’s a fun and joyful process of collaborating with classmates.

What plans / aspirations do you have for 2023 and beyond?

I will apply for an MA program next year. During the gap year, I want to take some time to settle down and explore different sceneries and cultures. If there are suitable opportunities, I would also like to intern.

What does winning a MullenLowe NOVA Award mean to you and in what way can organisations support graduate creatives more?

I’m really happy to be acknowledged with the NOVA Award. It validates my three years of hard work and motivates me to keep growing my projects in the future. It would be great to have more chances for graduates to showcase their work, like exhibitions or promotions. The prize money can also help us financially as we start our careers since many of us don’t have enough resources to cover project expenses right after graduation.

Do you think you will stay in London to develop your practice/ career?

I will continue to stay in London. It’s a city that is incredibly diverse, creative, and vibrant. There are numerous exhibitions that provide me with ample opportunities to learn and showcase my work.

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