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Sneakers help to re-wild the city.

Sneakers help to re-wild the city. Designer Kiki Grammatopoulos created “Rewild the Run,” a pair of chunky sneakers inspired by biomimicry. The shoes feature spiky blue outsoles that pick up plants and seeds spreading them throughout the city as you walk.

Rewild the Run sneakers | Kiki Grammatopoulos – Sneakers help to re-wild the city

A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Grammatopoulous exhibited her creation at the University’s 2023 MA Material Futures exhibition and during Milan Design Week 2023.

Reflecting on her project, Kiki Grammatopoulos emphasizes that Rewild the Run responds to the

Extensive fragmentation and reduction of natural habitats’ caused by urban growth. A consequence of that artificial expansion is the disruption of a natural phenomenon: the spread of plants and seeds, typically facilitated by animals, to ensure their proliferation across landscapes, ultimately maintaining a stable ecological dynamic. In light of this situation, the practice of ‘urban rewilding seeks to equip cities and towns to support wildlife and cater to diverse ecosystems within urban constraints

Rewild the Run sneakers | Kiki Grammatopoulos 

Grammatopoulos aimed to democratize urban rewilding through her sneakers, featuring electric blue outsoles designed as tiny hooks inspired by hooves and fur. These shoes enable animal species to become carriers of plants and seeds, promoting biodiversity in new ecosystems.

The city is an entirely man-made construct and demands intuitive thinking to integrate natural spaces within it. Therefore a vital part of urban rewilding is the human component of the process. Footwear is our connection to the ground and our environment. With this project, [we allow] city dwellers to engage in the ecological growth of the local environment.

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A multi-disciplinary, product designer with 6 years’ experience working for award-winning brands.  With degrees in both BA Industrial Design and MA Material Futures from Central Saint Martins an insatiable curiosity and a constant drive for sustainable innovation, continues to push the boundaries of design, exploring new frontiers and finding creative solutions to complex challenges.



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