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Le Good Society presents a global outdoor art exhibition for plastic-free July.

Le Good Society presents a global outdoor art exhibition for plastic-free July- There are 21,000 pieces of plastic in the ocean for each person on Earth causing detrimental effects to our oceans, wildlife, nature and the human race. And yet 2 million plastic bags are still used every minute worldwide. Le Good Society, a UK-based organisation committed to creating positive cultural shifts through arts and technology has united a group of talented artists to inspire one and all to reduce their plastic usage this Plastic Free July and onwards.

Titled ‘Let’s Live With Less Plastic’, the exhibition is being showcased across the globe in New York’s Times Square, the Netherlands and Los Angeles, seen by 100,000’s of people everyday throughout July. Artists involved include; Josh Pierce, Donk, Craig Keenan, Maria Strzelecka, Tia Grazette, Denis Sheckler, I, Rico McClean and the selected works from the open-call artists; Lucia Simone, Linda Baritski, Miki Tanuma, Ben Mucchi, Kristie Taylor and Cybernetic Harts.

Launched in aid of Plastic Free July, the outdoor art exhibition hopes to create awareness of plastic pollution and the importance of the oceans – inspiring and reminding all who see it to take action, however, they can, to reduce their plastic usage.

Placing these artworks in public spaces is a powerful way to remind everyone of the plastic pollution crisis the world is facing while encouraging everyone to be a part of the solution’,

Art is such an ideal way to convey important messages about the state of the planet and society in general.

Tia Grazette, Le Good Society founder, said.

Craig Keenan’s Plastic bag ghost image conveys perfectly the most problematic issue with plastic. The average time that a plastic bag is used is just 12 minutes and yet it is still in existence 100’s of years later, continuously causing issues for anything that comes into contact with it. While Donk’s Ballon Boy & Fragileboth focus our attention on items we use daily and often don’t associate with the issues of plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution has become one of the most troubling aspects of modern life. Single-use plastic is filling our oceans, becoming food for the wildlife we consume, and in turn, becoming our food as well. End single-use plastic, demand more effective recycling techniques and stop plastic pollution.

– Sean Stone, Filmmaker & Media Host

The event will take art into the public realm and bring it into everyday life. According to Le Good Society, the exhibition will make it easier for people to view art during daily activities like shopping, walking to work, and running errands – breaking down barriers within the art world that are often not discussed enough or even recognised.‘Some amazing established and up-and-coming artists will appear in major cities for the art exhibition,’ Grazette explained. ‘Hundreds of thousands of people will encounter the billboards each day to increase the message of Plastic Free July and plastic pollution in general.’

Le Good Society presents, Let’s Live With Less Plastic’ – 31st July across the Netherlands.
17th-31st July in New York’s Times Square & Courtyard Marriott, downtown Los Angeles, legoodsociety.com


Le Good Society uses art and technology to spread the word about urgent environmental and social issues. A platform and community that cares for people and the planet, it strives to deepen public understanding and encourage policies for sustainability and consumer ethics. Le Good brings together artists, writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers, researchers and scientists to explore, educate and inspire positive shifts in behavioural culture. To learn more about Le Good Society, the exhibition and claim your free digital art piece, visit:legoodsociety.com| @legoodsociety



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