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Footballers Famous For their Love of Horse Racing

They may seem lightyears apart, but the worlds of football and horse racing often intersect, – and there are lots of footballers that are famous for having a keen interest in horses, horse racing – and looking at the racecards to see what horse they can put their money on for the best chance making even more money that they don’t actually need. 

These athletes, well-known for their prowess on the football pitch, have also made headlines for their love of the equestrian world. Here, we will look at some of those famous footballers who have become synonymous with their love of horses and horse racing…

Sir Alex Ferguson

Let’s start with one of the biggest legends of the game – Sir Alex Ferguson, hugely successful former manager of Manchester United. Not only has he gained fame for his exceptional football career but also his passion for horse racing. 

Ferguson has owned several racehorses over the years, and his team of horses has achieved some impressive success on the racecourse. His most famous racehorse, Rock of Gibraltar, has won several Group One races, including the prestigious 2,000 Guineas. 

However, his involvement in horse racing extends beyond ownership, as he has also been actively involved in the administrative aspects of the sport. His love for horses and his success as an owner has cemented his status as one of the most famous football figures associated with horse racing.

Michael Owen

Michael Owen, a former English international and renowned football striker, is another footballer who has displayed a strong affinity for horses and horse racing. Since he retired from football, he has become well-known for his presence in the horse racing scene.

Since his final kick of the football, he has pursued his passion for horses by establishing a successful racing stable. He has owned and bred numerous racehorses, some of which have achieved notable victories in some of the most prestigious races. His ongoing commitment to the equestrian world has led to him becoming one of the most well-respected sporting figures in horse racing circles. 

As well as his successful ownership endeavours, Owen has also worked as a television pundit, sharing his insights and knowledge on horse racing events and providing expert analysis. His ongoing dedication to the sport and his achievements as an owner has solidified his position as a footballer closely associated with the world of horse racing.

Robbie Fowler

Robbie Fowler, another famous former Liverpool and England striker, has also been an avid enthusiast of horse racing throughout his career. His passion for horses led him to own and train racehorses, participating in several different competitions. 

The football star has achieved some impressive success as a racehorse owner, with several of his horses winning some more notable races. However, his involvement in horse racing has not just been limited to ownership. He also regularly attends race meetings – and has also actively supported charitable initiatives within the equestrian world. 

Michael Tabor

He may not actually be a footballer himself, but Michael Tabor is a successful businessman… and the co-owner of the English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. However, his interest in sport spills into the world of horse racing. 

Tabor has had some serious success as a racehorse owner, with his horses winning several top races, including a number of victories in the Epsom Derby. In addition, his passion for horses has also led him to establish a prominent racing operation – and he has been actively involved in the sport for many years. 

His success as an owner has made him a well-known figure in the horse racing community, and his association with Tottenham Hotspur is yet another link between the world of football and horses.

Two Unlikely Allies

Footballers and horse racing have formed an unlikely yet intriguing connection over the years – and many footballers have shown a real interest in the equestrian world. From Sir Alex Ferguson’s success to Michael Owen’s establishment of a racing stable, these footballers have shown that their love of sports isn’t confined to the footie pitch. When two worlds collide, they can make for some seriously interesting (and pretty successful) bedfellows!



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