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Pink Diamond Jewelry To Show Off Your Symbol Of Love And Luxury

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Pink diamonds have been known for centuries as the ultimate symbol of love, so adding them to a piece of jewelry and giving it to your loved one as a gift or during your proposal can be one of the most romantic things in the world. 

It’s been rumored that those who give pink diamond jewelry pieces, like those at Astteria, to their special someone as a present for an anniversary or as a representation of their love for them are guaranteed a long and everlasting love. 

How Much Is Pink Diamond Jewelry Worth?

Much like how other colored diamonds all over the world are incredibly expensive and rare, pink diamonds are the type of gemstone that perfectly embodies those characteristics.  

Their value can greatly differ depending on the diamond’s size, color, carat, and clarity.  However, it’s important to note that not all pink diamond jewelry pieces will be the same as others. 

That being said, pink diamonds are worth much more than you’d probably think. In fact, for just one carat, they can range from around $10,000 to $700,000 or more. To get a more accurate price on a piece of jewelry with pink diamonds, be sure to talk to the seller or an expert.

A little fun fact for you is a pink diamond, whether in itself or embedded in a piece of jewelry, can be up to 20 times the price of a regular white diamond. And that’s a lot considering the average price for a white diamond is $4,400 – $7,600 per carat.

Does Pink Diamond Jewelry Really Represent Love?

Just like love is rare to find and obtain, so is any type of pink diamond jewelry. Therefore it is one of the best examples possible to use as a demonstration of love. This is especially so if you’re planning a special date for a loved one or deciding on a gift.

Pink diamonds are not only linked to the feeling of love and romance but tenderness and innocence as well. Those who give their loved ones this type of colored diamond want others to know that they care and truly appreciate them.

Engagement rings often have pink diamonds in them, more so often than white diamonds, and have been known to have a deeper meaning when given during the proposal. 

When you look at pink diamond jewelry from bespoke jewelers such as Astteria, your emotions will surely overflow. Happiness, love, and overall positive energy will fill you even just by looking at a pink jewelry’s charming color. 

You want whoever you’re giving the pink diamond jewelry to know that they are just as valuable as these gemstones. 

Does Pink Diamond Jewelry Come With Certificates?

Pink diamonds themselves, if already prepared and cut at Western Australia’s Argyle diamond mine, come with certificates of authentication and identification to where they’ve come from, their cut, clarity, carat, and so forth. 

However, if they are bought as rough diamonds and then worked upon, they often do not come with certificates, and tests will need to be done if you want to know whether it’s a legit diamond. 

Considering that every authentic pink diamond comes out of the Argyle mine, the likelihood of it being without a certificate is very unlikely.

If, for whatever reason, it is excluded, be sure to talk to an expert to find out whether or not the pink diamond in your jewelry is real so you can find out if you are paying the right price for your purchase. 

Final Thoughts

Pink diamond jewelry, like those at Astteria, is incredibly valuable and should be given to those you care about deeply. 
It is often best to be given in the form of an engagement ring and can be a meaningful symbol of a new chapter together.



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