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‘REPAIR REDUX’  x  “STATES OF EXCHANGE” to open at Hypha studios

Opening on March 31st at Hypha Studios’ Stratford space are two exhibitions ‘REPAIR REDUX’ from Repair Collective and “STATES OF EXCHANGE” from DFA Arts Exchange.

‘REPAIR REDUX’ by Repair Collective @collectiverepair

Sam Stewart is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice engages with how physical and virtual spaces affect their occupants. Sam explores the relationship between private and public space as mediated by hostile design, and his own experience as a young artist growing up online. Instagram: @sam953

‘Repair Redux’ is an exhibition and expanded public programme as part of their Hypha residency in Stratford, East Village. Repair Collective is a shared practice that considers repair as an ongoing process. As cross-disciplinary artists, they seek to explore a holistic, embodied and critical approach to acts of repair within and beyond the visual art world.

REPAIR COLLECTIVE, Ioana, Simion Artizine UK

Working together since 2021, previously as the Young Visual Artist Groups at Barbican centre, Repair Collective will form new collaborations in Stratford alongside Hypha Studios.

‘Repair Redux’ is a collection of interventions spanning photography, performance, installation, text-based and audio works. The exhibition will form part of a wider project to create a community-focused space to reinstate, deconstruct and expand a view of repair.

REPAIR COLLECTIVE Cora Sehgal Cuthbert
REPAIR-COLLECTIVE,Ioana-Simion, Artizine-UK

Curated by Karina Sellars Hardy , the curator considers the following:

“Exploring the aesthetic, creative and embodied ways in which repair can be viewed as an on-going process. The exhibition is part of a wider project that revisits ideas around reparability as both a material and symbolic practice. It proposes methods, technologies and practices that can be used to sustain ourselves, our communities and creative collaborations as emerging practitioners in the face of ongoing climate, economic and social crisis”

Fikayo Adebajo is a photographer and visual artist. Fikayo is passionate about using visual mediums to present people of colour, especially black women, through a three-dimensional lens. She tells stories that explore the full spectrum of the black emotive experience, creating space for existence outside the narrow confines of the marginalisation that seeks to define. Instagram: @fikayoadebajo

Repair Collective includes contributions from Karina Sellars-Hardy, Phoebe Wagner, Ioana Simion, Harry Cross, Kev(In) Audience, Maite de Orbe, Sena Appeah, Sam Stewart, Fikayo Adebajo and  Nefeli Kentoni, Alexa Indira Overall, Ratiba Aydadi ft Silent Songstress, Renoir Saulter , Claudia Cumberbatch-Chedzoy and Poppy Whitehorn


















‘REPAIR REDUX’  x  “STATES OF EXCHANGE” Friday 31st March 5-9pm, Hypha Studios, 50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford, London E20 1DB  Exhibition continues 1st April to 2nd June 2023, Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm  RSVP: HERE

‘States of Exchange’ by @dfa_arts_exchange

Ruth Jones Multi-disciplinary artist Ruth Jones explores the agency available to women and marginalised genders through installation, sound and drawing. Employing a range of translucent, layered and ephemeral materials and practices, she investigates the murky line between the losses and gains women experience in their effort to hold on to their bodily autonomy and agency. Ruth is a visual artist, independent curator, collaborative practitioner and Co-Director of The Old Waterworks, an artist studio based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. She founded the Agency of Visible Women, an intersectional, feminist artist network in 2017. In 2022 she was awarded a British Council Venice Fellowship. She was awarded a residency with arts organisation Metal in 2021 and commissioned by FPG Sounds in 2022. She is currently in the final year of the professional doctorate in Fine Art. Instagram @ruthkathrynjones

An exhibition exploring social interaction through place, memory and time. Reflecting on relations between cooperation, exchange, inequality, power and status. “Reflections on social exchange through creativity”

Curated by Jacqueline Rana and Anne Isaksson

As in quantum theory, properties can be understood as the effects of interactions. Our approach is inspired by physicist Carlo Ravelli’s proposition that a good scientific theory should not be about how things ‘are’, or what they ‘do’, but rather about how they affect one another: ‘we can understand reality better if we think of it in terms of interactions, not individuals’. How do we, as individuals and communities, emerge in time and place through our entanglements, interactions and relationships, and with what effects on the worlds of which we are part?

DFA ART EXCHANGE MonikaTobel, Humus Hominid-ii, colour photo 66x117cm-
DFA ART EXCHANGE, Pippa Healy, all the places we will never see, photographic print

States of Exchange configures artwork in transitory domestic social space constructed within a former supermarket.  Through temporal and spatial intersections, we reimagine social relations reflecting on solidarity, status and inequality. 

A creative programme running throughout April and May includes readings, performance, pop ups, talks and screenings. Taking place in an informal atmosphere – our space becomes a home from home. We welcome local artists and performers to respond and add to the exhibition. Visitors are invited to contribute objects, images and sounds that connect them to Stratford creating new conversations and expanding and altering the exhibition over time.

Lester Korzilius FAIA, RIBA, MA (Arch), MSc, MFA, MA (Sculpture) ? USA, lives and works in the UK Lester Korzilius is an artist and architect.? As a licensed architect in the US and UK he has practised in both countries on projects around the world and now runs his own arts and architecture practice in London and Chichester.? In the arts, Korzilius graduated with an MFA from the University of Sussex/West Dean and an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art.? He is a Doctoral student in Fine Art (practice-based)?at the University of East London.? Korzilius is interested in the cross-over between architecture and art and has a particular interest in installations, land art, and site-specific works. His work involves the viewer, the artworks, and the environment.? Korzilius’ sculptural work has a tectonic quality that is rooted in his architectural practice. Group shows have included the Amberley Museum Arts Trail; See, Artgame Gallery, Margate; Line and Form, West Dean College; and West Dean Open House.? Installations include Ascension at the Chichester Festival Theatre and subsequently at St Richards Hospital, Chichester.? Other selected works installed at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth; New Park Cinema, Chichester, Emsworth Yacht Harbour, West Sussex; St Richards Hospital, Chichester, and Maisemore Gardens Ltd, Hampshire. Instagram @lesterkorzilius

Participating Artists:
Jac Rana, Sara Bor, Andrew Brown, Anne Isaksson, Hassan Aliyu, Pippa Healey, Rachel Shannon, Jaeyeon Choi, Monica Tobel, Anita Kroa, Rupert Record, Daniel Polak, David Watkins, Ade Ogundimu, Ruth Jones, Kevin Warren, Lester Korzilius, Jane Wollatt, Justine Hounam, Paul Greenleaf, Ralph Overill, Ali Darke and Sue Withers
























‘REPAIR REDUX’  x  “STATES OF EXCHANGE” Friday 31st March 5-9pm, Hypha Studios, 50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford, London E20 1DB  Exhibition continues 1st April to 2nd June 2023, Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm  RSVP: HERE



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