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Saatchi Yates launches Saatchi Yates Masters to tap into rising demand.

Saatchi Yates launches Saatchi Yates Masters to tap into rising demand.
Saatchi Yates St James

In the week that The Art Newspaper reported from TEFAF that young collectors are buying up Old Masters it has been announced that Saatchi Yates has launched Saatchi Yates Masters to tap into this growing demand.

Saatchi Yates launches Saatchi Yates Masters to tap into rising demand.
Joseph Friedman Saatchi-Yates Masters

Joseph Friedman, one of London’s leading specialists in fine art, will join Saatchi Yates to launch the new “Masters” division. Friedman, a former senior director of Sotheby’s, has 30 years of experience as an art market professional and has worked with some of the world’s foremost public and private collections. Saatchi Yates Masters specialises in sourcing exceptional masterpieces from the 18th Century to the Mid-20th Century.

Through our new venture, Saatchi Yates Masters, we are looking to broaden our offer to include exceptional works of art of any period that speak to the contemporary collector and can partner with contemporary pieces in ways that challenge convention and, in this sense, resonate with the essential spirit of the contemporary, which remains the gallery’s chief focus. For me personally it is exciting to be breaking my own previous boundaries as a dealer and to be working with a world of new clients and colleagues with whom there is so much to share.

Joseph Friedman

Showing their versatility Saatchi Yates open the exhibition of TikTok sensation BIJIJOO tomorrow Thursday 15th March.


Saatchi Yates is a commercial gallery founded by Phoebe Saatchi Yates and Arthur Yates which opened in London’s Mayfair in October 2020. Over the past two years, the gallery has gained a strong reputation for representing and showcasing emerging artists, staging large-scale exhibitions as well as presenting blue-chip contemporary art drawn from leading private collections. In 2023, Saatchi Yates will be departing its location on Cork Street with a move to St James that will see a new 10,000 square foot ground floor gallery space at the heart of London’s unrivalled neighbourhood for both Contemporary and Classical art.

In November 2022, Saatchi Yates opened a temporary gallery space in the Design District of Miami to present a solo exhibition of new works by Ethiopian Contemporary Artist Tesfaye Urgessa to coincide with his presentation at the Rubell Museum. This was the third edition from a series of international pop ups. In November 2021, the gallery opened its first international temporary space in Turin, Italy with a curated group exhibition of represented artists. Later in 2022, the gallery opened a temporary exhibition space at Chateau Saint Maur, South of France. saatchiyates.com



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