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“MY BODY, MY BUSINESS” Curated by Nadya Tolokonnikova.


Today, Sotheby’s and Unicorn DAO are proud to announce “MY BODY, MY BUSINESS”, which seeks to celebrate and empower women-identifying artists. Curated by Unicorn DAO co-founder and Pussy Riot creator Nadya Tolokonnikova, the benefit auction opens for bidding on March 7 and consists of physical and digital artworks by Marina Abramovic, Jenny Holzer, Cindy Sherman, Nancy Baker Cahill, Fawn Rogers, Zhanna Kadyrova, Ellen von Unwerth, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, & Katie Bush, as well as Pussy Riot, etc. Full list HERE.

My pussy, my riot. I spent 2 years in jail fighting for feminism in Russia, and it hurts me to see reproductive rights being taken away in the US.

Curator Nadya Tolokonnikova: 

Proceeds from the auction will support organizations that champion sexual and reproductive health care, education, and rights, like Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The art catalogue with all details can be found on Sotheby’s dedicated site, the bidding starts on March 7, the day before International Women’s Day (aka Gender Equality Day) and closes a week later on March 14. 

Planned Parenthood Federation of America joins blockchain-based 501(c)(3) public charity and community foundation, Endaoment to launch PPFA.eth. With this charity art auction, Endoament launches the first crypto wallet that will enable donors to direct their crypto donations to support the fight to ensure that people have access to the care and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures.

Unicorn DAO is a feminist movement that consists of Web3 native people who are using Web3-based tools to create much-needed equality in the Web3 space. The art collecting collective redistributes wealth and visibility in order to create equality for women-identified and LGBTQ+ people in the world in general, and in the digital art space in specific. Currently, these demographics only account for as little as 5% of the digital art sales.

Women have rights on her own body and I support every woman’s decision regarding planning parenthood.

Marina Abramovi?:


Jenny Holzer

Statement from Dawn Laguens, chief of global strategy & innovation at Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

In these unprecedented times, it’s essential for people to band together in support of sexual and reproductive health and rights — including abortion access. Planned Parenthood is encouraged by the support we’ve seen and received from leaders within the tech space, from traditional and digitally-native women artists, and from supporters across all industries and demographics nationwide.

“MY BODY, MY BUSINESS” Sotheby’s New York exclusive event: Tuesday, March 7th 2023 from 6-8pm ES Sotheby’s New York- 1334 York Ave, NY, NY 10021

Additionally, Tolokonnikova’s work included in the show, Fragile Masculinity, will be showcased for one month starting on the auction date, March 7th, on CIRCA’s digital billboard campaign across four major cities including Los Angeles, NYC, and London. More details to follow – circa.art


Conceptual performance artist and activist Nadya Tolokonnikova is the creator of Pussy Riot, a global feminist protest art movement. Today, hundreds of people identify as a part of the Pussy Riot community. She was sentenced in 2012 to 2 years’ imprisonment following an anti-Putin performance. Went through a hunger strike protesting savage prison conditions and ended up being sent far away to a Siberian penal colony, where she managed to maintain her artistic activity and with her prison punk band she made a tour around Siberian labor camps. Published a book “Read and riot: Pussy Riot’s guide to activism”.

Co-founder of independent news service and media outlet, Mediazona, she has spoken before the US Congress, British Parliament, European Parliament, appeared as herself on season 3 of House of Cards

Pussy Riot’s “Punk-prayer” was named by The Guardian among the best art pieces of the 21st century (“feminist, explicitly anti-Putin, protesting the banning of gay pride and the Orthodox church’s support of the president”), collaborated with Bansky on his “Dismaland” exhibition, endorsed by Marina Abramovic and Ai Weiwei, created an immersive experience at London’s in Saatchi gallery. 

Pussy Riot stands for gender fluidity, inclusivity, matriarchy, love, laughter, decentralization, anarchy, and anti-authoritarianism.


Established in 1744, Sotheby’s is the world’s premier destination for art and luxury. Sotheby’s promotes access to and ownership of exceptional art and luxury objects through auctions and buy-now channels including private sales, e-commerce and retail. Our trusted global marketplace is supported by an industry-leading technology platform and a network of specialists spanning 40 countries and 70 categories which include Contemporary Art, Modern and Impressionist Art, Old Masters, Chinese Works of Art, Jewelry, Watches, Wine and Spirits, and Design, as well as collectible cars and real estate. Sotheby’s believes in the transformative power of art and culture and is committed to making our industries more inclusive, sustainable and collaborative. 



Unicorn DAO https://www.instagram.com/unicorndao/

Nadya Tolokonnikova https://www.instagram.com/nadyariot/

Pussy Riot https://www.instagram.com/pussyriot/

Marina Abramovi? https://www.instagram.com/abramovicinstitute

Jenny Holzer https://www.instagram.com/jennyholzerstudio/

Cindy Sherman https://www.instagram.com/cindysherman/

Nancy Baker Cahill https://www.instagram.com/nancybakercahill/

Fawn Rogers https://www.instagram.com/fawnrogers/

Zhanna Kadyrova https://www.instagram.com/jannkad/

Ellen von Unwerth https://www.instagram.com/ellenvonunwerth/

Andrea Bowers https://www.instagram.com/radicalhospitality/

Michele Pred https://www.instagram.com/michelepred/

Lindsey Byrnes https://www.instagram.com/lindseybyrnes/

MOKSHINI https://www.instagram.com/mokshini/

Vanessa Beecroft https://www.instagram.com/vanessa.beecroft/

Annie Sprinkle https://www.instagram.com/anniesprinkled/

Beth Stephens https://www.instagram.com/ebethstephens/

Katie Bush https://www.instagram.com/ladybushlove/

Maggie West https://www.instagram.com/maggiewest/

ORLAN https://www.instagram.com/madame.de.sainte.orlan/

Olive Allen https://www.instagram.com/olive_allen/

LI?ONA https://www.instagram.com/iamlirona/

Glam Beckett https://www.instagram.com/glambeckett/

Jen Stark https://www.instagram.com/jenstark/

LATASHÁ https://www.instagram.com/callmelatasha/

Sarah Meyohas https://www.instagram.com/sarahmeyohas/

Sputniko! https://www.instagram.com/5putniko/

Sofia Crespo https://www.instagram.com/sofiacrespo/

Helena Sarin: https://twitter.com/NeuralBricolage

Erin Bees https://twitter.com/erinbeess/

Alida Sun https://www.instagram.com/alidasun/

Holly Herndon https://www.instagram.com/holly_herndon/

Mathew Dryhurst: https://www.instagram.com/matdryhurst/

Alina Pasok https://www.instagram.com/alina_pasok/

Iskra https://www.instagram.com/iskra/

IX Shells https://www.instagram.com/ix.shells/

Rewind Collective https://www.instagram.com/rwd_collective/



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