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David Zwirner now represent Gerhard Richter.

David Zwirner now represent Gerhard Richter.
Gerhard Richter. ©Werner Bartsch

David Zwirner now represent Gerhard Richter. The gallery will present its first solo exhibition of works by the artist in New York in March 2023.

I’m happy to be represented by David Zwirner. I have known David since his childhood as I had already in the 1960s worked closely with his father, Rudolf Zwirner. I feel this represents a beautiful continuity across generations.

Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is celebrated worldwide as one of the most important artists of his generation, with a career spanning from the 1960s to the present. His diverse and influential practice has been characterized by a decades-long commitment to painting and its formal and conceptual possibilities. In his work, the dual modes of representation and abstraction fundamentally question the way in which we relate to images. Richter has probed the relationship between painting and photography, engaging a variety of styles and innovative techniques in a complex repositioning of genres such as abstraction, still life, landscape painting, history painting, and chance-based practices. Richter’s vast oeuvre, which also includes objects, installation, drawing, and photographic documentation, is grounded in deeply nuanced investigations of history, memory, and representation.

To be able to work with Gerhard Richter is an immense honor and a great privilege. Richter has, without a doubt, created one of the most conceptually complex and aesthetically heterogeneous oeuvres in the history of art. By avoiding adherence to any single ideology or dogma, Richter has been able to both celebrate and subvert the very act of painting. In the process, he has single-handedly opened up the medium to entirely new possibilities and investigations. Now I’m looking forward to our first exhibition together in the spring of 2023 in New York. I want to acknowledge the important work Marian Goodman and everyone at the Marian Goodman Gallery has done for and with Gerhard Richter over the past thirty-seven years, and I’m humbled to be given this opportunity.

David Zwirner

About the artist

One of the most famous artists to emerge from post-war Germany, Gerhard Richter is known for his prolific, varied, and widely influential painting practice. He has explored the intersection of photography and painting, making figurative canvases based on found images and abstractions that incorporate visual effects of photography. Richter often works at a monumental scale and has made glass panels and stained glass windows. Layering and erasure are often critical to his practice. The artist studied at the Kunstakademie in Dresden and the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. He has exhibited extensively across the world, at institutions such as the Museum Barberini, the Serpentine Galleries, the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Tate Modern, among others. His work has sold for tens of millions of dollars on the secondary market.



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