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GN3RA + RCA Fashion MA launch digital fashion platform

GN3RA + RCA Fashion MA launch digital fashion platform

GN3RA, The world’s first fashion metaverse for creators in collaboration with the Royal College of Art Fashion MA programme to offer bespoke digital creations by 7 leading RCA Fashion Alumni for GN3RA creators to co-design, wear and share on the platform. 

GN3RA works with selected creators, influencers, brands and media to grow a community of digital fashion ambassadors. This community will take an active role in the development of the platform as well as champion the designers and their virtual creations. 

Meeting the growing demand for digital wearables and tackling the lack of easy-to-use design software, GN3RA repurposes how people interact with creative tools. 

My vision for what creative tools should be was hugely impacted by my time teaching students digital fashion design. I saw firsthand the technical barriers they had to overcome in order to begin exploring their creative practice. I wanted to break down these barriers and develop a platform that enables anyone to explore their creativity through fashion.

The beauty of the collaboration with the RCA is that these incredible designers are inviting the world to experience their art in a new exciting and interactive way –  by becoming co-creators.

GN3RA Founder and CEO Lili Eva Bartha.

We are excited to partner with GN3RA, the first digital fashion platform that is growing and championing emerging talent. Lili has always been such a motivated thinker with social grace and innovation in her soul. We look forward to seeing GN3RA grow and the future digital community be led by such values.

Zowie Broach, Head of Programme (Fashion MA) at RCA.

The Launch Event

To celebrate the Alpha launch, GN3RA will hold an event on December 6th, in The Fashion District’s ‘The Lab e20’ in London. They will be bringing together emerging design talent, industry thought leaders, creators, brands, retailers and influencers to discuss the future of virtual self-expression.

The Emerging designer roundtable will include selected designers from the RCA partnership, who will have the opportunity to discuss digital fashion and the challenges of customisation, collaboration and monetisation. 

The event will include workshops for attendees to create their first digital outfits, alongside VR and immersive installations, with live DJ & VJ entertainment.

About GN3RA:

A symbol for self-expression, GN3RA’s mission is to enable creators to explore and express their virtual identity within the Metaverse, online virtual worlds and games through the power of digital fashion. GN3RA has developed an immersive direct-to-avatar design studio that champions creativity, collaboration and individuality. With new outfits, digital fabrics, virtual effects and cutting-edge features, the possibilities for creation are limitless. Players can easily become co-creators by unlocking outfit templates to hyper-personalise, share and trade in-platform and across the Metaverse. gn3ra.io



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