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BEYOND THE STREETS- The most comprehensive street art exhibition to open in the UK ever.

London’s world-renowned Saatchi Gallery is pleased to present the most comprehensive street art exhibition to open in the UK with the international blockbuster arrival of BEYOND THE STREETS this February. Marking the first time in eight years a show has occupied the entirety of Saatchi Gallery, the exhibition will feature original art, rare ephemera, photography, immersive and site-specific installations, archival fashion, and surprises from over 150 artists, icons, rule-breakers, and mark-makers.

BEYOND THE STREETS- Martha Cooper Lil Crazy Legs 1983 Courtesy of Saatchi Gallery
Martha Cooper Lil Crazy Legs 1983 Courtesy of Saatchi Gallery

BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON pays homage to the monumental moments from the worlds of graffiti, street art, hip-hop and punk rock as well as the artists who immortalised them. From painting trains to social activism, to the clothes we wear and the soundtracks of our lives, the exhibition will examine how these cultural narratives shifted the public’s perception of underground art and culture — leading to a global creative revolution. BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is a celebration of graffiti’s core ethos of an innate desire for mark-making and challenging authority. By its very nature, graffiti is ephemeral, its own existence is temporary, but the culture and its rebellious spirit prevails.

The story of graffiti and street art can’t be told without highlighting the significant role London, and the UK in general played in revolutionising these cultures and continuing to spread the word of their existence. Pushing the global narrative has always been of importance to us and we’re honoured to continue telling our story at  Saatchi Gallery, whose prestige and impact are unmatched in the UK.

says BEYOND THE STREETS Founder Roger Gastman.
BEYOND THE STREETS- Kenny Scharf - CLOSET#42 BESTEST EVER HONOR FRASER, 2022 (Photo Credit - Charles White of JW Pictures)
Kenny Scharf – CLOSET#42 BESTEST EVER HONOR FRASER, 2022 (Photo Credit – Charles White of JW Pictures)

Following blockbuster exhibitions in Los Angeles in 2018 and New York in 2019, BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON will be curated by Roger Gastman, noted graffiti historian and founder of BEYOND THE STREETS, in conjunction with a team of guest curators.

For a long time, Saatchi Gallery has recognised the energy and dynamism of graffiti & street artists. We are proud to present a show that will showcase amazing art, explore how art & music genres have inspired creatives over time, and bring together iconic artists from around the globe. We are thrilled to be working with Beyond the Streets on an experience that promises to be one of the must-see shows of 2023

says Saatchi Gallery Director, Paul Foster.  

Tickets For BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON (17th Feb – 9th May 2023) are available now to book here.  

Exclusive merchandise and prints will be available to purchase at Saatchi Store and online for the duration of the exhibition.


BEYOND THE STREETS was founded by Roger Gastman, producer of the 2010 Academy Award-nominated film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, co-curator of Art in the Streets (2011) at the MoCA in Los Angeles, and director of the SHOWTIME documentary Rolling Like Thunder (2021), a plunge into the underground world of freight train graffiti culture. BEYOND THE STREETS is an art-driven cultural and educational worldwide movement celebrating mark makers and rule breakers, agitators and instigators. Its curation showcases the best of contemporary and emerging artists, with a focus on graffiti and street art creators. Boasting over 100 artist collaborators per show, BEYOND THE STREETS is known for its massive-scale exhibitions, immersive educational experiences, and engaging pop-up events, which have played host to over half a million unique visitors between its shows in Los Angeles, New York, The Hamptons and digital showcases with NTWRK. BEYOND THE STREETS exhibitions have produced over 2.5B media impressions through global art publications, business journals and culture magazines, with new show openings coming to Shanghai and London in 2023. BEYOND THE STREETS is widely recognized for its innovative brand partnerships and premium publications, which include over 75 published and authored book titles, including works for the likes of Martha Cooper, Felipe Pantone, POSE, Paul Insect, DABSMYLA and Beastie Boys, amongst others. BEYOND THE STREETS pushes the very idea of art beyond any preconceived boundary. beyondthestreets.com



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