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Is It More Difficult To Learn The Violin As An Adult?

Many parents in Singapore like sending their children to violin lessons since their kids are still kids or teenagers. Hence, many Singaporeans may feel awkward if they only had the opportunity to learn music or take violin lessons as adults in Singapore. These Singaporeans are also worried whether it is more difficult for them, or perhaps even impossible for them, to master playing musical instruments if they only begun learning about music as an adult.

First of all, whom you learn from and how you learn to play the violin can have a big impact on your eventual success or lack thereof. Since most kids in Singapore learnt to play the violin from a qualified music teacher, you would be at the losing end if you only started much later in life as an adult, and tried learning by yourself. However, if you took the smart approach and take violin lessons from great, qualified music teachers such as those from Musicion, a professional music teacher and student matching agency, you would be able to shortcut your journey by years or even decades. If your violin teacher is good enough, you will not only be able to overtake those who started earlier than you, but you can even achieve higher levels of success in your musical journey. The caveat to all this being that you need to learn from a good violin teacher in Singapore to see success as an adult learner – because you already started much later than others. But if you do this, then there is no questions that you stand an equal chance of becoming a great violinist in Singapore.

Second of all, adult violin lessons in Singapore are actually very popular – because they work. If adults were not able to master playing the violin, then nobody would be taking violin lessons and there will be no teachers wanting to teach adults anymore. In fact, when it comes to Singapore, violin lessons are extremely popular among adults too – partly because adults are in control of their own time. Singaporean kids often are so busy with their school work, co-curricular activities, and after school tuition classes and being nagged at by their parents at everything that they literally have little to no time for anything else at all – including practicing on their musical instruments. However, as adults, you have much more autonomy over your own life and will be able to choose how frequent your violin lessons will be and how often you can practice on the violin. This means that you will be able to speed up your learning process for the violin much quicker than an equivalent teenage learner can in Singapore’s context.

Thirdly, an equivalent adult will be able to understand music theory faster than a child. If you want to become a great violinist, you too need to understand music theory. As a result of this, most children will lag behind adult learners when it comes to understanding music theory. The advantage that young students have over you is that they have the advantage of time on their side. The big advantage you have as an adult student is that you have the advantage of knowledge on your side. You will theoretically be able to understand music theory comprehension much quicker as an adult violinist student, and hence move on to and apply them to the practical parts of playing the violin in a shorter period of time. This also allows you to be able to dedicate more time to the practicing of the violin instead of spending a long time on the theory portion.



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