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The USA and Its Life Through Art

The USA has some of the most prestigious art schools in the world, like CALArts, RISD, etc. A group of creative thinkers made art their lifeline. The aim of this group was also to earn money, but rather through their passion and not by sitting in a cubicle. This article talks about the different art forms in North America through which people have found a career that works well with their passion.

Mural Painting

Los Angeles is considered to be the art capital of the USA. When one walks around the streets of LA, they find walls painted with amazing mural art commissioned by artists. Mural art has spread to casinos in LA too. In the whole of the USA and Canada, casinos are trying to incorporate art in their constructions. Even an online casino in Canada has made its websites very attractive to customers. The goal of these casinos is to make them much more than just fun gaming places. For this reason, many casinos have displayed works by Claude Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc. to diversify their customer base.


A hobby that was considered to be fun for only grandparents has now become a source of flourishing business all over North America. Crocheted crop tops, dresses, skirts, pants, etc. handmade and sold by youngsters have become a trend that is now popular globally. Since it is a process of making clothes that is hard to be replicated by machines, the crochet industry is a sustainable trend that requires the original skill to be passed down by hand. Original artists have a much higher chance of getting credibility and fame with this skill.

Flipping Furniture

The cost of new furniture and repairing old furniture has gone up by leaps and bounds in the continent. This has led to individuals thrifting old furniture from thrift stores. They are then DIY-ed into newer pieces for homes. Furniture flipping is done both for personal and professional use. This practice has been seen to reduce further deforestation as it uses wood and other materials to give it a new life. This art form also allows the flipper to customize the furniture without paying a hefty sum to a company.

Diversity Art

With growing consciousness among the new generation, the previous trend of racial superiority is seen as needless, and rightly so. North America has been a salad bowl of different cultures all over the world for a very long time. With storylines of books from different parts of the world, restaurants serving authentic Vietnamese, Thai, Ghanaian, Nigerian food, etc., the art scene has also been expanded by people from all over the world. Afro Art and Noodle Art have been making headlines in art galleries, cafes, art universities, and even in common households. Afro Art is brilliant in their portrayal of a feminist message while associating food with art continues to be a trademark of Asians.


Art prints have always been influential as a source of income for artists. Since art prints can be made traditionally or digitally and the print size can be customized, the cost of the art print varies from lower to higher price range. The segment of the population that tries to support artists often can do so by buying prints. Smaller prints are lighter on the pocket and are easier for people to buy. Photographs and 2D Art get published in magazines regularly and give the artists name and fame.

In Retrospect

It can be seen that the new art scene of North America is inclining toward an eco-friendly sustainable art culture. There is a growing demand for such art pieces as customers are getting more aware of the accumulating damage on the planet. People are using art to personify their houses with art pieces that define their personalities. The importance of artists is becoming more comprehensible in a world where people are struggling to find a source of positivity in a never-ending rat race.



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