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Artist, author, and lecturer John Mack announces a month-long immersive exhibition A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens.

A Species Between Worlds
Image of app displaying photograph by John Mack and Isle Royale, digitally manipulated photographs on duratrans, 2022

Artist, author, and lecturer John Mack announces a month-long immersive exhibition A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens. Over the month of September, the exhibition examines the intersection of humanity and technology via a gamified meditation experience aimed at restoring balance between ourselves and our smart devices.

A Species Between Worlds also serves as a forum featuring a rich program of talks and events, free to the public, that will convene thought leaders from around the world on the increasingly slippery boundary between our humanity and our technology. A Species Between Worlds combines thought-provoking artwork with an inspiring program that brings together a unique group of high profile speakers and leaders from the fields of art, academia, technology, and business to explore the nexus of new technology and human behavior through a multidisciplinary lens.

John Mack, Channel Islands, digitally manipulated
John Mack, Channel Islands, digitally manipulated photographs on duratrans, 2022
John Mack, Grand Canyon,digitally manipulated photographs on duratrans, 2022
John Mack, Grand Canyon,digitally manipulated photographs on duratrans, 2022

Program highlights include Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, a conversation with Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, a panel hosted by Stanford University Professors Rob Reich, Jeremey Weinstein and Mehran Sahami to discuss their book, System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot, a panel on the State of Social Media featuring NYU’s Jonathan Haidt, a keynote from Monica Lewinsky who will touch on the effects of cyberbullying and much more. Programming partnerships include the David Lynch Foundation, Life Calling Initiative, Fairplay, The Tibet House, New York Center for Living, The Explorer’s Club, and more. 

Humans are a species between worlds. We’re on a mass-migration from the natural world to the digital world, abdicating our natural spaces while expanding digital ones. Smartphones, designed to be tools, have become our reality — and with every swipe, tap and pinch, our humanity is being exported, little by little. I’m very consciously not anti-technology, but rather I aim to foster mindfulness so that our devices serve as our tools and not the other way around. The exhibition is an invitation to contemplate our relationship to our devices and the surrounding world while inspiring the introspection needed to prevent the loss of our humanity.

states John Mack.
John Mack, Victoria Falls,digitally manipulated photographs on duratrans, 2022
John Mack, Acadia, digitally manipulated photographs on duratrans, 2022

A Species Between Worlds was sparked by the Pokémon Go craze and a subsequent stampede in Taipei in 2016. During that time, Mack was drawn to how the phenomenon was blurring the boundaries between virtuality and reality. Developed over the past six years this exhibition presents a technology-forward narrative arc that centers the individual and aims to foster balance and awareness between our technology and ourselves. A Species Between Worlds will showcase more than 65 artworks across 17,000 square feet that feature imagery of more than 50 U.S. National Parks and the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, all manipulated and combined with artificial landscapes from the Pokémon Go app. The exhibition will also offer a customized app that guides visitors throughout a gamified psychological exploration framed by the artifice of the Pokémon Go interface, which gradually fades as reality is restored. 

John Mack, Big Bend, digital print on Duratrans, image displayed on phone app, 2022

A SPECIES BETWEEN WORLDS: OUR NATURE, OUR SCREENS September 1st – 30th, 2022 537 West 27th Street  New York, NY 10001 aspeciesbetweenworlds.com 


John Mack is an artist, photographer, author, lecturer and the founder of the nonprofit initiative Life Calling, whose mission is to foster awareness and balance for society in the Digital Age. Mack is a 2022 honoree of The Explorer’s Club 50: Fifty people changing the world who the world needs to know about. Additionally, Mack serves as a board member of Fairplay, an organization that strives to create a world where kids can be kids, free from the false promises of marketers and the manipulations of Big Tech. He has served as an adjunct lecturer for the Graduate program of Design at the University of Lisbon. He currently lives between London and Seville. life-calling.org

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