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Best Game Subscription Services

Splatoon © 2015 Nintendo
Splatoon © 2015 Nintendo

Gaming can be quite a hefty habit for hardcore gamers who are waiting for their favorite games to drop so they can buy them right away. But over the last few years, gamers’ interest has shifted quite a lot over subscription services that let them play their favorite video games for a fraction of the price. 

Many big gaming companies have introduced their own subscription services including Microsoft, Sony, and many more. Each of these services has its own Pros and Cons, which come at a different cost. And since games, the number of game releases only increases every year, having a game subscription is a must.

And that is why we have made a list of the best game subscription services out there in 2022!

Xbox Game Pass 

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Game Pass is one of the most popular game subscription services out there for all types of gamers. And quite rightly so because Xbox Game Pass gives you access to hundreds of popular game titles that would otherwise cost you more than the full subscription price each month. This makes Game Pass a great alternative to finding cheap video games without the hassle.

Game Pass is the most gamer-friendly service out there that lets you play games from many major gaming platforms including Windows, IOS, Android, and of course, Xbox. But the best thing about Game Pass is that it’s super cheap, you can choose between two different tiers costing 10 and 15,

respectively. The $15 subscription lets you play all kinds of games while the $10 subscription restricts you to a single platform.

Playstation Plus 

Sony is no stranger to the gaming world, the company has released a ton of awesome games over the years. And while Sony doesn’t go out of its way to support multi-platform gaming like Microsoft does with Game Pass, its Playstation Plus service still remains one of the best in the market.

Playstation Plus gives you access to hundreds of awesome PS Console games starting with a price of $10 per month. Playstation Plus is also divided into three different tiers named Essential, Playstation Plus Extra, and Playstation Plus Premium. 

Starting with Essential which costs you $10 per month, you get access to play any game of your choice online with a few downloadable games. If you upgrade to Extra which costs you $15, you get extra games (400+) from Sony’s library that can be played offline. And lastly, the Premium subscription price of $18 adds more games from the PS3 down to PS1. 

Nintendo Switch Online 

If you are someone who loves to play retro games, this gaming subscription is definitely for you. Nintendo Switch Online might be a little costly compared to the other two services that we just talked about but it does come with its own perks. 

Switch Online subscription gives you access to some of the popular retro games from the past for Switch Consoles. The basic subscription cost is $20 which lets you play up to 70 classic games including the super popular Legend of Zelda title and the cult classic Super Mario. 

You can also get a $50 subscription that gives you access to many more games from Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64, which is rare. But is it really worth $50? Well, for someone who deeply loves retro games, it’s a fair trade.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has made a big impact in the gaming community, especially for casual gamers. For a very cheap price of $5 a month, IOS users get access to an ad-free gaming experience without having to buy anything. Speaking of buying, you can also say bye to all the petty little in-app purchases that would often give some players an unfair advantage for a few bucks.

You get access to hundreds of thousands of games published on the app store without any extra charges. You can use the same subscription to play games across all your IOS devices, which is great. There are always new games coming to the market every single week, so you never run out of options to play. Arcade is perfect for all the casual gamers out there since it’s cheap and gives you the best possible experience on IOS.



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