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Discover the most famous paintings portraying gambling 

Without a doubt, a topic that has generated interest throughout the years is the subject of gambling. Artists are continually in search of inspiration for their work and sometimes, this inspiration can be found in some of the most unusual places and subjects.

Gambling is one such topic and activity that has thrived throughout the years and is widely practised by people. This activity has, as you can assume, inspired artists to create some of the most stunning work.

Whether it was Caravaggio, Munch or Cezanne, the topic of gambling has set creative juices flowing. While casino bonuses were not available many centuries ago, they sure are available now.  The best casino bonuses can be snapped up at a gambling site online, without having to leave the comforts of your home.

If you have ever been to a brick-and-mortar casino, you may have seen some of these paintings on display. Casinos have an aura of grandeur and luxury that makes gamblers feel comfortable playing. It is only fitting that artists have over thecenturies captured this leisurely activity.

Digital art at online casinos

In recent years, art has become a broader concept since digitisation made an entrance. Many artists in modern times are embracing new challenges and taking on different and more creative paths. Several digital artists also work for the online gambling industry, providing beautiful animations and artworks for the best online casinos.

One key area that digital artists provide work for is the games and effects section. Since online gambling sites are widely competing against each other to attract the attention of new players, it comes as no surprise that top-rated casinos are thinking outside the box by doing what they can to catch the eye of potential players.

Iconic paintings depicting gambling

While it would be impossible to list all paintings that depict the activity of gambling, here are some of the famous paintings that have attracted attention.

Dogs Playing Poker

Let’s kick off with a fun painting. The 1984 Dogs Player Poker painting by American artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge sees a pack of dogs doing human activities, in this case, playing poker. This painting forms part of a series, which includes a total of 18 paintings. While some people may think of these paintings as kitsch, many others see them as an accurate allegory of human life.

At the Roulette Table

Edvard Munch is widely known for his famous painting Scream, a painting that has had a resounding success around the world. During one of his stays in Nice, France, Edvard Munch was known to visit a popular casino in Monte Carlo, as explained in the artist’s sketchbooks.

This setting inspired him to create the painting At the Roulette Table, which captures a good number of players sitting around a Roulette table. The painting was entirely created from memory and depicts the feelings of the players as they sit at the table.

Card Players

The Card Players is a well-celebrated painting by the artist Paul Cezanne. This painting forms part of a series that although similar, comes in a myriad of different sizes.

This painting depicts regular people sitting down at a small table playing a casual game. Although the painting is not set in a casino, the players are partaking in a regular activity of card-playing at a bar.

Cezanne himself is known to have created a number ofsketches and created many portraits as a form of practice before creating this series.

Slot Machine Queen

Possibly the least known painting from this list, Shelly Wilkerson’s Slot Machine Queen is often thrown into the same category as Dogs Playing Poker. As you can assume from the name, the painting depicts an elderly lady playing online slot games. She is beaming with happiness and celebrating her wins with a cat in her lap and a glass of wine in one hand.

While this piece of art is not seen as particularly good art in the world of art connoisseurs, it depicts modern times andgambling. People can vividly see the theme of gambling and its social aspect in kitsch form.

The Cardsharps

The Cardsharps by Caravaggio gives us a good glimpse into the gambling habits of a specific period. The completion of this work marked an important milestone for this artist’s career. The painting was created soon after he departed the Cavaliere Giuseppe Cesari d’Arpino workshop and was considered one of his first independent masterpieces. It was purchased by Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte who also offered a place in his quarters to Caravaggio.



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