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The Best Art-Themed Slot Games You Can Play in New Zealand


Slot games, or pokies as they are known in New Zealand, have been rising in popularity. They are delightful and fun to play. There are some great slot games available in the market now. They are available in several themes which are effective in attracting new players.

You can find slot games in different shapes and styles based on themes such as films, hobbies, or even art. Art in various forms has inspired ideas since the beginning of time. Art theme slot games attract art lovers who wish to enjoy the game and the art featured is often wide and varied. 

It can be difficult to find the right online for you. But you’re in luck. Check here for a list of the best free online slot games in New Zealand. 

Some of the best art-themed slot games are:

Van Gogh by H5G

H5G has been one of the top game software providers in the world. With a reputation for creating impressive games with amazing high-quality visuals, they did not disappoint when developing the game Van Gogh. The game features some of the most famous artwork by Vincent Van Gogh, who was known for his unique and genius painting style.

Van Gogh is a top-tier game with many positive reviews from players and critics alike. It offers an excellent and immersive gameplay experience for players. You will enjoy the fantastic gameplay featured and see some of the best pieces from Van Gogh present in the game.

The Mona Lisa Jewels by iSoftBet

Mona Lisa Jewels is one of the top art theme slot games you can currently play. The game, developed by the gambling giant iSoftBet, is a 5-reel, 25-pay line video slot. Its impressive overall design offers unique graphics and features several ways to make extra money, such as providing progressive jackpots to players.

The game brings one of the most famous art pieces in the world, the Mona Lisa, closer to players. The different Mona Lisa Jewels in the game assist players in triggering a wide range of available features and stand the chance of walking away with large cash payouts.

The game’s impressive layout makes it easy to navigate and play. There are two jewels present on the left reel that gives players free spins. After players spin the reels, the Wild Symbols and the jewels are fixed in the same position.

If you have three Mona Lisa portraits after spinning the reels, you will receive ten free games as bonuses. The presence of multipliers in the form of wild symbols makes the game more interesting as players stand the chance of having their scores multiplied depending on the number of wild symbols.

A single wild symbol leads players to double their score when it forms part of the winning combination. When two or three wild symbols include part of a win, the score is multiplied up to four or a massive eight times. Players are required to match five progressive jackpot symbols when it comes to winning the progressive jackpot.

However, it is essential to note that the game requires players to be playing at a maxed bet and have an active pay line to win the progressive jackpot. The game rules are simple enough for beginners and players with little to no experience playing slot games to learn and enjoy the game in no time.

Real Crime 2: Art Heist

Reel Crime 2 is one of the most popular online slot games available. Although the game does not necessarily cover one artist in particular, it features a wide selection of impressive artwork and several other pieces. The symbols depict some of the most famous art pieces that players are sure to recognize immediately and enjoy while playing the game.

The highest pay line feature in the game is the wild symbols that depict the respective artist. The scatter symbols featured in the game are used to unlock the bonus round, which is just as interesting as the main game itself and plays a significant role in making it stand out from similar games.

The bonus game depicts the art heist of Remy and Raoul, with players being free to select the type of tools they intend to use and the art to steal and sell. Successfully evading capture leads to increased scores and higher prizes. You also decide on the buyer you want and how you wish to plan and execute your escape plan.

It is crucial to ensure the success of your plan as capture leads to a game reset. Players have praised the great visuals present in the game as well as the bonus rounds present in the game. It has an impressive selection of other bonuses that you can unlock at different levels.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

The Da Vinci Diamonds Slot game was released by IGT and is dedicated to one of the best artists of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci. Fans of great artists will surely enjoy the great art pieces featured in the game. It is a five-reel video slot game with an impressive twenty pay lines.

The game has mind-blowing visuals that are very pleasing to see while enjoying your game of slot, such as the Leonardo portraits featured. It has unique features that offer great opportunities for players to win prizes. The game also features bonus symbols, wild symbols, and scatter bonuses. Players can enjoy free spins as well as tumbling reels.

One of the most exciting features present in the game is the use of tumbling reels. Players are rewarded with new symbols if they hit a win and land the feature. It is an excellent opportunity for you to have more wins as it creates new chances and removes the current symbols.

Players can enjoy free spins if they land bonus symbols on all the reels. The game does not offer extra multipliers, but the tumbling reels provide new opportunities for the players to win big. The unique features present in the game make it among the top games in the industry and are often found in some of the top online casinos in the world.



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