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Spring Furniture Trend Ideas in 2022

Spring has sprung. New life abounds all around as the winter fades into the distance. It’s little wonder that this is the most popular time of year to decorate the home. Spring is a fresh start and a time to blow away the cobwebs of the colder months, breathing new life into your home. So, what are the key trends in furniture this year and how do we incorporate them into our homes?

Below we’ll give you some top tips on what is hot this spring in 2022, looking at furniture items, color schemes and design ideas that you could use to give your home a bright new start for the rest of the year. 

Go green

One of the main color trends for this spring is to go green wherever you can. It’s not surprising really, as when you look out of the window you see new life bursting out on the trees. Green, commonly associated with nature, is perhaps the color best suited to spring, and brining it indoors can have a calming and restorative effect. Choose green furniture such as a new sofa set, or simply add dashes of green with soft furnishings such as pillows and throws. Or bring in some really natural green tones with some statement house plants to frame and accent your living space. Not only do they look great but they have been shown to reduce stress and purify the air. 

Round and round

One of the main furniture trends for this year is all about round. Sharp edges and corners are out and softer angles and edges are in, again resembling the shapes and curves more commonly found in nature. Curved kitchen cabinets, rugs and even circular patterns on the walls are big this spring. Filling your home with rounded edges will soften the feel of your living spaces, making it feel more organic while still maintaining clean lines and creating open spaces throughout. 

’Flopen’ plan living

Open plan living has been big for some years now, removing walls between spaces and creating larger areas where the whole family can work, rest and play in the same space. But a new addition to this movement is the idea of flow. The idea behind flow is all about creating open spaces where energy and productivity can flow naturally. This can be achieved using furniture that encourages this interaction of space, such as sectional sofas, room dividers and more. It’s also worth thinking about clear zones, which are multipurpose areas that can be used for a range of activities, such as exercise, eating or just relaxing. 


As with almost every other area of life, sustainability is a core idea for new furniture ideas this spring. For a long time, items like sofas, chairs and tables were made using non-sustainable materials or treatments. This meant investing in furniture came with its own not-insignificant carbon footprint. One of this spring’s trends for furniture is to buy greener and more sustainable products that have a much lower impact on the planet. That means choosing natural fibers and stuffing materials, from local producers and manufacturers. Although pleasingly, most manufacturers are embracing these ideas which means modern velvet sofas, leather armchairs and fabric ottomans are all more sustainable. 

Within this bracket comes the whole world of upcycling and DIY furniture design. Rescuing an otherwise unloved piece of mid-century furniture from the scrap heap and giving it a new lease of life with some modern grey or modern black paint tones is one of the most sustainable ways you can decorate your home.


We all have main pieces of furniture in our homes, like sofas, dining tables and coffee tables. But in 2022, the emphasis is more on accent furniture. These are the pieces that are not necessarily the main stars of the show but add the little touches of detail, texture and color that can really elevate a space. If you have a neutral sofa set, then an accent chair in bright yellow or orange gives you the chance to add some color and lift the whole feel of the space. Accent pieces come in many shapes and sizes, like side tables, rugs and sideboards. It’s these little pieces that are the focus this spring. 

As spring comes into bloom, why not think about trying out a few of the above ideas to give your home a new lease of life? Add some green tones to your living space, round off your ‘flopen’ plan kitchen with circles or bring some new life to an old piece of furniture you’ve found in the shed. You’ll be amazed by how even a few small touches can make a big difference. 



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