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Proven Ways To Step Up Your Cannabis Sessions

Among the Trees at Hayward Gallery. Photo by Linda Nylind. 29/2/2020.

Americans love cannabis, and they have more reasons to expect more after its legalization in several states. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you will always want things to be better session after session. The good thing is that there are endless opportunities for cannabis users to take their experiences a notch higher. Something new is always around the corner with products, devices, consumption methods, and techniques. 

Moreover, creative consumers find ways to shake things up and do something different. You can try some tried-and-tested recommendations or think of something innovative to ace your next session with cannabis. But it is always safe to play by the rules and stick with proven ways unless you have an adventurous streak. Let us share some proven ways to step up your experience. 

Be realistic with your expectations

While you will always want your next cannabis session to be better than the last one, experts suggest having realistic expectations. Your experience and outcomes depend on your physiology and tolerance levels, so you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. Do not assume that a new product or different technique will do wonders for you if it did for a friend or colleague. Enhancing your cannabis sessions is a hit-and-trial thing, so it makes sense to be open-minded. Consider it an experiment that may succeed or fail. You are likely to have a better outcome with a zero-expectation and zero-stress mindset. Just clear your mind and dive in!

Mix it up with different products 

Mixing things up with different products is perhaps the easiest way step up your game. It works well for consumers using the same products the same way for a long time. There are good chances of developing a tolerance for your favorites over time. Moreover, doing the same thing day in and day out can lead to boredom eventually. Trying something different can go a long way in enhancing your experience. Check the trending product or try something you have never used before. A variation can spice things up and make your next session more fun and unique. Not to mention, you will have something to boast about by being an early user of a new launch. 

Switch up your strains

If you are not adventurous enough to try a different product, switching up your strains is a good option. You can continue vaping herbs but try a different strain the next time. Each cannabis strain has a different composition, so the effects differ according to the THC and CBD ratios. Luckily, there are endless options to experiment with if you are in a legal state. For example, Maryland residents can get maryland weed delivery right at their doorstep to try their hand with diverse strains. Ensure you buy quality cannabis from a reputed seller and know what to expect from a strain so that you can prepare for the outcomes. 

Play with the dosage

Besides experimenting with products and strains, you can play with dosage to take things a notch higher. Every consumer has a sweet spot and tolerance level with cannabis, and these factors determine your ideal dosage. You may not get the same level of high with the ideal dose over time. Try playing with the dosage to enhance your sessions. A little extra can go a long way, so ensure not to go overboard no matter how tempting it sounds. Experts recommend occasional tolerance breaks to reset your dosage levels and get more with less. 

Try your culinary skills

Another proven way to enhance your cannabis experience is by trying your culinary skills. Cooking with cannabis enables you to infuse creativity into your sessions. You may end up mixing an incredible recipe, while the prep part is exciting in itself. Consider following a recipe shared by a friend or start from scratch to create something new altogether. Cannabutter makes an excellent recipe for a first-timer, though you can graduate to advanced recipes session after session. Switch between sweet and savory preparations to make cooking and dining as exciting as possible. 

Throw a party for your gang

Nothing gets better than indulging in cannabis with your gang. You may plan a party at your favorite 420-friendly venue or even book an outdoor trip for a weekend. At-home parties have emerged as a hot favorite in pandemic times. Every time you want to step up your cannabis game, host a party for your gang at your place. You can mix your favorite recipes to impress them with your skills. Alternatively, plan a potluck to taste different dishes your guests bring to the party. You will definitely find an exciting option you may have never tasted before. 

Opt for a solo session 

A cannabis get-together is a great way to have a good time. But a solo session is an equally alluring prospect if you wish to go the extra mile. It lets you experience immense peace and reconnect with your inner self. Solo sessions are safe if you are a seasoned consumer with ample experience with a specific strain, product, and dosage. Pick a safe set and setting, gather your favorite snacks, and have your playlist at hand. The ambiance promises an excellent session of self-care with cannabis.

Maintain a journal

Stepping up your cannabis sessions is also about knowing where your fall short with the regular ones. The best way to do it is by maintaining a journal to record your experience with a product and dosage. It gives you insights into things you can improve in the subsequent sessions. Journaling can be even more fun if you add trivia about things that worked and ones that didn’t. You will have a good time going through it later, so be sure to start sooner than later.

Cannabis consumers have the opportunity to enjoy every experience more than the last. You only need to be creative and conscious enough to find new ways to step up your sessions. But remember to follow the basic rules and etiquette while doing your bit to take the game a notch higher. 



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