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Why did Palms Bet become one of the first bookmakers in Bulgaria?

Online bookmakers are websites where users have the opportunity to wager on sports. These operators became very popular in Bulgaria, and they quickly became most people’s preferred options.

Speaking of sportsbooks and the Balkans, we have to remember that Palmsbet was one of the first bookmakers in Bulgaria. The latter is home to an impressive selection of sports betting sites, but this was not the case a couple of years ago. Most people used a land-based betting shop, but these places seized to exist after the arrival of online bookies.

Today, bettors in Bulgaria know that iGaming sites provide more options and a variety of things they can wager on. However, many of the top-tier bookies were not that good before. The good news is that there is an exception, and Palms Bet is one of them. Let’s check why did this company become one of the first online betting sites in Bulgaria.

The people behind Palms Bet discovered a new opportunity

Bulgaria is a place where there are various land-based casinos. Hence, many people play slots and different games like Roulette. With that being said, betting on sports has always been one of the preferred options for many people. That’s why there was a popular land-based betting shop company that had offices worldwide.

Although some bettors used those places until the end, others did not have time. That’s when a group of people decided to create one of the oldest gambling companies in Bulgaria called Palms Bet. The idea was to provide local bettors with the opportunity to wager on sports without the need to leave their homes. 

As expected, Palms Bet quickly gained tons of new clients, especially when the company started advertising its site. After a while, the brand also released a fully-fledged mobile website, which allowed gamblers to use its services even if they were on the go.

This company’s platform allows it to provide users with bonuses

Land-based sports betting was great because Bulgarians could chat with their friends while punting on their favorite teams. However, these places did not provide that many bonuses, especially to their new customers. There were some promotions from time to time, but they don’t even come close to the offers available at Palms Bet.

Everyone who starts using one of Bulgaria’s leading gambling companies can expect to find a solid selection of promotions. They give things like a 100% bonus, cashback, different events, reload proposals and many other things. If that’s not impressive, the company also has short-term bonuses.

Palms Bet wanted to offer a casino and a sports section in the same place

Let’s face it, one of the downsides of using a land-based casino or a sports betting shop was the fact that you couldn’t use both of them. Regardless of where you lived, you had to choose between them.

It seems like those days are long gone because the Palms Bet review for Bulgaria reveals that this site offers a casino and a sportsbook. So, once users sign up and start playing, they have access to both things without going to another website or using a separate account. Some users may not appreciate this now because many other gambling companies in Bulgaria offer this, but Palms Bet was one of the first brands that decided to optimize its options.

The online platform gives Palms Bet the chance to accept payments using more options

One of the problems when using a real casino/bookie is that you have to make payments using cash. Although everyone uses cash to pay for different things, some people prefer to use things like digital wallets and credit cards. Sadly, those payment solutions are usually not available among land-based gaming sites.

However, thanks to Palms Bet’s platform, this Bulgarian gambling company accepts a variety of payment options, including those mentioned above. Players can pick the most appropriate payment solution for their needs and utilize it to its full potential.



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