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Three things that Betway’s casino fans in Bulgaria don’t have access to

Online casinos are notorious for providing gambling fans in Bulgaria with more options than they will ever need. That’s one of the reasons why most people in this country prefer online casinos to their land-based alternatives. People interested in online casinos can use Bulgarian and foreign gambling brands. In fact, they can find the latest info related to the casino of Betway Bulgaria, which is the latest foreign online casino in the country. Betway obtained a valid license from NAP, which allows it to accept players from this jurisdiction.

Despite being one of the big names in iGaming, experienced online casino players in Bulgaria will notice that Betway’s site in the country lacks some of the things available on the company’s site in other countries. Some of them are not that important, but others can make a difference while playing, so let’s check them out.

More casino games

Although people rarely have the chance to play thousands of different games, they want to have access to as many games as possible. Betway Bulgaria is a place that provides an interesting number of titles. There are all sorts of options to pick from, regardless of whether you are interested in standard games or live casino titles.

Sadly, Betway’s version in Bulgaria does not offer as many titles as the company’s platform in the UK. Users who have access to the site in this country will find more titles. Consequently, there are also more subsections to pick from.

The information button found in the bottom-right corner of each game

People who have some experience with online casinos probably know more information about some of the top games. Thanks to things like the Betway casino review for Bulgaria, punters can read important information about the software provides, the number of reels, and more. However, some gamblers haven’t had the chance to read any reviews, and since Betway does not provide an information button in Bulgaria, they can’t learn more about the games they have access to.

Online bettors in Bulgaria who had the chance to test Betway’s site in the UK can learn more about some of the most popular games. To do that, they have to select the “i” button in the bottom-right corner of their screen. 

Additional bonuses for the casino section

Every betting site knows it needs different bonuses to gain new customers, especially in Bulgaria. Since some of the local gambling companies have outstanding proposals, foreign gambling sites have to provide more interesting offers than usual.

Sadly, some companies do not have that many offers yet, especially for their casino section. The bad news is that Betway Bulgaria is one of the companies that are yet to provide an impressive selection of bonuses for the casino section. Users will have access to extra funds once they register and make a deposit, but there isn’t anything else that seems interesting.

Although the UK version of Betway provides more proposals for its sportsbook than the casino section, the operator has at least a couple of interesting casino bonuses. There are things like Lucky Numbers and even a special reward that will give you access to a free bet.

There is a good chance that Betway Bulgaria will provide more proposals in the future because the iGaming company is yet to make a name for itself in the country. Although many people use it because it is a household name in online betting, it needs to offer something special if it wants to survive. After all, most other betting sites provide a variety of promotions.



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