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These are the differences between the different Bulgarian online casinos

Although the gambling websites in some countries allow people to bet on sports, some places worldwide focus more on the casino sections. Bulgaria is a country where gamblers have the chance to use a wide range of online casinos. In fact, there are 9 licensed bg casinos at the moment, and all of them offer some of the most sought-after options in the country. 

Every legit gambling company is licensed and must adhere to loads of conditions. However, this does not mean that people can’t use a lot of things. Bulgarians have the chance to utilize some of the best games in the world, as well as loads of other options.

Most online casinos have a lot of similarities. In fact, many of them look identical, which means users often have problems choosing one company over the other. Fortunately, this article will provide them with the needed information that will help them choose the most appropriate company.

The casino game variety

Every top casino in Bulgaria allows its customers to try different kinds of casino games. Some of them have better graphics and extra features, whereas others make up for those things by having big jackpots. With that being said, some online casinos provide more options than others.

Since Bulgarians often prefer slots, some of the top-tier gambling companies offer loads of different slots. They have other reels and paylines, as well as special symbols. 

Apart from slots, some online casinos prefer to provide more blackjack and roulette versions because these two table games attract loads of clients. In addition to the standard titles that allow people to play against a computer, online casinos also have special versions where punters can go up against each other. These games also have a real croupier, which is why they are called live casino games.

The security software

Although inexperienced Bulgarian casino players rarely pay close attention to the safety measures, those who’ve been using these sites for many years always check these things. While it is true that many gambling companies in the country do not offer anything, the 9 licensed casinos in Bulgaria mentioned above are notorious for their security software.

One of the first things you will notice is that these sites use special encryption technology. The latter allows them to encrypt users’ personal information, which means it will stay safe. Speaking of staying safe, the best brands also use separate software for their payments. This is extremely important because users who make online payments don’t need to worry about their funds.

Some of the best casinos also have firewalls and other security options. Generally speaking, the more safety features you have access to, the better.

Only the best casinos in Bulgaria allow you to set a deposit limit

Even though many people play and don’t spend that much money, others have problems because they use more than they can afford. Sadly, this leads to all sorts of problems, so it is something that users have to be aware of.

There are a couple of things bettors can do in order to avoid spending more money. One of them is to contact their bank and tell it to block transactions made to betting companies. However, this takes too much time, and it is usually easier said than done. That’s why some of the best online casinos in Bulgaria allow users to set a specific deposit limit. The latter allows bettors to control the amount they spend because the platform won’t allow them to add more money than they’ve set.

Since some users might be tempted to remove this restriction, the best casinos don’t allow their users to do that. In most cases, people have to wait up to a few weeks before they can lift or increase the limit.



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