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How to find a reliable website for betting reviews and sports news in Bulgaria

Many people think that there is no need to read any additional information related to online betting to choose the best site. Some of them might be lucky and find an operator that is worth it, but experienced Bulgarian punters don’t want to rely on luck alone. Hence, they are looking for a platform that will provide them with analysis, promo codes, and special offers. Fortunately, one trusted source of sports news and bookmaker reviews in Bulgaria is nostrabet.com, a Bulgarian site where online bettors can read more information about payment options, betting sections, features, security options, etc. 

Apart from the information related to the different bookies, Bulgarians often want to find a place where they can read sports news. There are a few sites that will give them access to this information, but some are better than others. So, let’s check a few things that people can do to find the website they are interested in.

First, you need to check the people who run the site

Although there are several essential steps you must go over to have access to the operator that you want, it all starts by checking the people who run it. Since Bulgaria is a relatively small country, many sports journalists and professionals have loads of fans. Needless to say, many of them work for different sites where they write reviews or cover hot topics.

Those who also want to taste what it is like to bet online should check whether the people who are a part of the site have the needed betting experience. Some places hire people who know what they’re doing, but others don’t fall into this section. As a result, many people don’t have the opportunity to use sites that are worth it.

The best sites in the country offer exclusive promo codes

Reading professional reviews of gambling sites will provide you with the opportunity to pick the most appropriate option. Depending on the information, you may find crucial details regarding the available payment options and the different sections. What’s even more impressive is that sites like Nostrabet.com and its professional analyses also contain special promotional codes.

There are different kinds of bonus codes, and they provide various perks. Some of them are used by those who want to get a better welcome promotion. However, there are codes (usual things like letters and numbers), that may unlock additional upgrades or give special perks.

What’s interesting about the promo codes is the way you use them. In most cases, they have to be applied by punters while signing up. Nevertheless, some online bookies require a specific code before users make a deposit. 

Check if the site offers some sort of competitions or small events

While it is true that most websites that provide reviews of betting companies rarely have any ongoing competition, there are some exceptions. Some Bulgarians have the chance to participate in events where they have to predict football matches or eSports games. These predictions are usually free of charge, which means that everyone over the age of 18 can take part in them.

Once the event comes to an end, those who accumulated enough points will have the opportunity to win cash prizes. What’s even more impressive is that these events also have various tangible prices. For example, punters can often get mobile phones, TVs, and loads of other devices.

Always make sure to check for mobile apps or websites optimizations

The fact that most people read sports news and look for a new bookie using their mobile devices is not surprising. Despite that, many Bulgarian sites do not offer any mobile options. Instead, they require their readers to use a PC to check what they provide.

The good news is that many of the top news outlets know that providing an app/mobile site is important. So, always check whether you can download and install an app on your device or get a promo code using the company’s mobile site.



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