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What Should A Modern Crypto Wallet Design Be? 

Many have written about how well-designed UX logic affects the profitability of projects. Over the past few years, the percentage of cryptocurrency usage in Europe has grown significantly. The upward trend continues. Today, most users prefer never to use cryptocurrency exchanges to solve all issues without intermediaries. 

How should a clever crypto wallet design work? What are the critical stages in its creation? Let’s talk about this.

UX Research as a Part of Crypto Wallet Design

Creating a UX design is preceded by preparatory stages: we should collect information from UX research and make hypotheses based on the data. 

Who Uses Crypto Wallets?

To answer this question, you need to conduct qualitative research on the target audience. For example, representatives of legal entities and individuals (the most frequent users of Crypto Wallets) tell us what features they need most often, what products they use, and what they find convenient and inconvenient in existing Crypto Wallet offerings.

The surveys demonstrate users’ requirements for a modern cryptocurrency wallet system. Based on them, must-have cases for development and implementation are compiled.

The prominent cases for legal entities are:

  • several cryptocurrencies in a single wallet;
  • account status;
  • statements that you can view and export;
  • viewing account information, selling cryptocurrencies, etc.;
  • opportunity to make payments;
  • payment creation.

Primary cases for individuals:

  • view account status;
  • quick transfers.


Based on the received data and the leading causes, the specialists design the design, showing the primary functions required by legal entities and individuals. During the design process, it is essential to test Crypto Wallet designs with the help of users. Developers test and adjust hypotheses and implement improvements in the initial stages. 

Authorization in a Cryptocurrency Wallet

The authorization process for individuals and businesses should proceed differently. Users often get confused about which office they are now entering if authorization is not end-to-end: for individuals or legal entities. If a user makes a mistake, a good crypto wallet design app should have an option to switch from one account to another.

Also, the system needs a “remember me for 8 hours” feature, which will be helpful for users who are constantly working in cryptocurrency wallets. For them, the typical session of 20 minutes is too short.

At the same time, the authorization by phone through a password is generally perceived positively by users if the SMS comes quickly and there is no need to re-enter the password each time. 

Through research by profile specialists, it was possible to find out what functions are most frequently used by users and what Crypto Wallet design should consider these actions:

  1. See the balance of the account.
  2. Check account statements (a list of transactions).
  3. Make payment.
  4. Save the recipient’s number.
  5. View the account balance.
  6. Know the current exchange rate of cryptocurrencies at hand.

It is vital to place available accounts, exchange rates, and the latest news on the main page of Crypto Wallet design to solve these tasks.

The company tile shows the primary accounts, the total balance, and the ability to develop a relationship with the bank:

  • To create a new payment from the account;
  • To open a new account.

Spin-off: How Do You Know If It Works?

Conducting UX tests makes sure that the Crypto Wallet design is clear to users. The heatmap is the right tool for testing because it shows how users interact with the page elements.

The Most Information on the Page

Crypto Wallet design also focuses on the basic needs of entrepreneurs. All the users polled said it was significant to them.

If there are a few accounts, it is best to display them in tiles. Account information is available on the company page. The tile is similar to the one on the home page regarding functionality. For example, you can filter transactions by period, currency, and type.

If there are a lot of accounts, they should be displayed in the list.

How will the invoices be designed as a list and not as tiles look? It depends on the designers’ professionalism. It is a convenient function for those with more than four accounts. In this view, the user can sort accounts by name, amount of funds, and balances without going into the “Accounts” section.

Is It in Use?

As of 2017, more than 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile users. Also, since 2017, the Google search engine has launched a new ranking algorithm that considers mobile versions of sites as primary. Given this fact, we adhere to the principle of “mobile-first” in the design process.

Compared to the desktop version, the mobile version looks simplified. For example, there are only two functions on the tile: viewing the necessary information and going to the company. Other information blocks should be made as separate menu elements. 

The more straightforward structure of the interface in the mobile version is due to the small screen resolution and, at the same time, the ability to focus attention on less information.

For individuals, the main functions that the user needs above all are shown on the main page:

  • examining their accounts;
  • binding to Apple/Google Pay, if it is possible to connect fiat currencies as well;
  • money transfer from one account to another;
  • choose a payment method from a template; 
  • from contacts and recent payments, I prefer a recipient;
  • recent account transactions;
  • exchange rates for a variety of periods;
  • news.

UX for Cryptocurrencies: Investments that Pay Off

A thoughtful and high-quality cryptocurrency wallet UX allows you to increase the number of loyal customers and build a deep connection with them. As a result, more and more users are using crypto wallets for payments, mutual settlements, cryptocurrency exchanges, and international transfers. 

Are you interested in crypto wallet design? In that case, we recommend a responsible approach to the search for executors. 

If you are creating your project, it’s time to take care of its advanced design. To do this, we recommend turning to real professionals. Again, Purrweb can be given as an example. It has a long history in the IT market and understands what the modern user needs.



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