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Phillips + Artemartis present an exhibition of young contemporary artists from Ghana

Kwaku Yaro, Stand By Me, 2022

Phillips, in collaboration with Artemartis, is pleased to announce Birds of a Feathera survey of contemporary art in Ghana. Showcasing 18 works by six rising young stars, the private selling exhibition will go on show at 30 Berkeley Square from 1 to 10 February 2022.

Miety Heiden, Deputy Chairwoman and Head of Private Sales, said,

“Phillips is honoured to collaborate with Artemartis, who provide incredible support to some of Ghana’s young emerging artists, growing their practice and elevating their voices to an international audience. These artists challenge the status quo, each in their own way, presenting powerful themes and diverse narratives that are sending shockwaves through their country’s cultural scene. Their work comes together here in London for the first time, forming a unique show that should not be missed.”

Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Ali, Becoming, 2021

Artemartis is a Ghanaian based Art Agency & Collective that, since its inception in 2018, has built a roster of talented contemporary artists. Birds of a Feather marks the first time this group of artists has exhibited together outside of Ghana. United by an exploration of selfhood, each artist exhibiting in Birds of a Feather constructs an original visual language anchored in a uniquely West African cultural aesthetic, navigating the complexities of identity formation within a Ghanaian socio-political context. The artists deploy a diverse range of aesthetic strategies including portraiture, abstraction, and collage; creating a one-of-a kind opportunity to view the burgeoning cultural production of Ghana’s emerging contemporary art community. The artists exhibited include Awanle Ayiboro Hawa Ali, Courage Hunke, James Mishio, Araba Opoku, Abdur Rahman Muhammed, and Kwaku Yaro.

I had always wanted to be an artist but was persuaded by my family to study engineering. Even with a mechanical engineering degree in hand, I always felt a strong attraction to art. That calling did not go away and thus Artemartis was launched in 2018. Since the launch, we have worked on multiple projects, all of which demonstrate the power of teamwork and have resulted in solid community of talent and heart, which is bigger than just art. Artemartis is a whole movement. The artists I have met and grown with have a lot in common and have shared experiences which have further solidified their bond, making them what I believe will be a formidable force in the art scene. Their passion for art is what brings them together, and their drive to achieve the impossible in their own little world is evident in their works and day-to-day lives. Their stories serve as an inspiration to me every day.

Selasie Gomado, Founder of Artemartis
Courage HunkeIt Hurts Sometimes, 2022

Phillips in Collaboration with Artemartis Presents Birds of a Feather An Exhibition of Works by Young Contemporary Artists from Ghana On View at 30 Berkeley Square from 1st to 10th February

Artemartis is a Ghanaian based Art Agency & Collective with a diverse group of contemporary artists. The diversity in their artistry has produced works ranging from abstract to realism, picture and film making to digitalism. Artemartis discovers artists, represents them, promotes and sells their work, offers consultancy and stages exhibitions. The agency has held several large-scale shows in Ghana, which have contributed immensely in the growing interest of Ghanaians in the art scene, especially with the youth. In the past few years, some of the artists like Araba Opoku and James Mishio, who have grown with Artemartis since its inception in 2018, have had their works shown in prominent galleries and art fairs. Together with a roster of talented artists, they work individually and as a collective unit to redefine their world in their own special way.



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