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5 cool business ideas for artists in 2021

In the artistic world, it’s not always an obvious choice as to what you should apply your creative skills too, particularly when it comes to earning a living. If you have a keen eye for art or design and good business sense, then there are plenty of options out there for you. No matter what business you decide to start, there will be certain things you will need. For example, you will need to come up with a name for your business. To make it easier, you can try using an artist name generator. You will also most likely have to get a logo for whatever business you start and there will definitely be legal steps involved in setting up the business.

Now, let’s look at some business ideas!

Graphic Design

With the rise of computers and technology, it’s clear that the art and design world would take up a more digital form in graphic design.

Digitally produced logos or graphics are everywhere we look, a company’s badge being printed on everything from their products to their headed printer paper. Marketing campaigns on social media and websites through to the bright billboards in the city.

With most businesses now having some sort of online presence and a constant need for logos and branding, there is no lack of work within the Graphics design world and coupled with the creative freedom this trade invites, it’s a very good industry for any artist to join.


There is no doubt that photography is a very creative and artistic skill, but now, with so many places online to create a portfolio for the whole world to see, photography has now become much more accessible. Also, with so many choices of social media where photos are quite often the focus, everyone can become a photographer in some form.

There is events photography, which could be anything from Uncle Dave’s 50th, to a large corporation’s new branch opening. Then you have nature and travel photography, which everyone’s had a go at some point in their lives.

If anyone is interested in starting up in the photography industry, whether you decide to sell your pictures online to Shutterstock and Unsplash image websites or sell them on marketplaces like Fiverr.com then now is the time to do it.

Branding consultant

Every business in the world has some sort of branding or has marketed its company in some way, so a branding consultant would never be short of work. Particularly with the growing number of companies increasing their online presence, this job is the full package for someone that would like to work on everything from the colour of their uniforms to the marketing of a certain product.

With so many small businesses now needing a website to increase public knowledge of themselves or wanting to be part of social media just to promote their latest promotion, there is plenty of work out there right now for a budding new branding consultant.

Greeting cards

Have you ever thought you had the humorous nature to go along with that creative mind to create greeting cards? Well now, not only do the high street card shops have online shops, but we also have eCards becoming an outlet for creative people to make others laugh in hysterics or cry with joy – in the end, it’s all about emotions, and as an artist, you should be able to tap into different people’s emotions.  

With supplies for such design work being very cost effective, this is even something you could try in your spare time to see how you get on. That is, whether you design them online or offline, you can sell either way via an eComm site.

The demand for greetings cards will always continue as most families can use them for birthdays or even just to keep in touch and now with the creation of eCards there are many platforms to continue this demand even if it’s online or offline, and you should be able to take advantage of this financially. 

Become a voiceover artist

That’s right, a voiceover artist. If you ever thought of yourself as a fledgling actor and possibly have a great voice, then this could be a great career choice for you.

The opportunity within the voiceover industry has never been better, but with that comes competition, which is also now stronger. Nevertheless, everyone has a potential recording studio at their fingertips and along with the online portfolios and social media platforms any one of us can access, then everything you need for this business is available.

Although you may have access to all the recording equipment, you also need a laptop. Always remember that your voice is the most important factor in this job, so be sure to go try voiceover jobs available via both online and offline sources.


These were just what I thought were the best choices, the options and opportunities there are to artists now are growing all the time and now with the freedom and accessibility of the internet and what comes with it, those opportunities will only become greater by the day. Of course, these 5 ideas may not inspire you as an artist, but there are many more examples out there. Check out this workshop space for artists with creative business ideas for further reading.



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