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New art gallery Big Yin Gallery opens in St Leonard.

Big Yin, a contemporary art gallery, in the heart of St-Leonards-on-Sea, has opened with a group show ‘ALL TOGETHER NOW’ which presents a cross-section of hugely talented artists who are each using their unique voice and visual language to create arresting and important work.

Euan Roberts Acrylic paint on canvas

Artists exhibiting: Layla Andrews, Stephen Anthony  Davids, Jo Kitchen, Luke Sothcott, Sophie Vallance Cantor & Euan Roberts.

A lot of galleries claim to show artists from diverse backgrounds and support emerging talent, but in reality, they do f**k all to change the culture, and instead pay lip service when it comes to showing underrepresented artists. 

Euan Roberts

Big Yin is born from the D.I.Y. juvenile delinquent spirit of needing to blaze one’s own trail, and to fiercely support artists from all areas of society – not seeing their worth in terms of £’s, but their character, talent and spirit. 

Euan Roberts

Big Yin is people and planet before profits. A proudly black-owned, artist-led gallery from artist Euan Roberts & partner Ruth Spencer. Big Yin welcomes art fans,  collectors and followers from ALL backgrounds. 


The address of the space is number 1 – in Scottish dialect or ‘Scots’, one is often referred to as ‘Yin’. The comedian Billy Connolly is known as the ‘Big Yin’ (Big One),  which originated so people could differentiate between him and his father – ‘the big yin’ or ‘the little yin’. Gallery owner Euan is of Scottish and Bajan descent – so he liked the idea of bringing a wee bit of his heritage down to southern England. 

Also, in ancient Chinese philosophy, ‘Yin’ is part of the dualism ‘Yin and Yang’ – the two opposing and complementary principles that govern the universe. ‘Yin’ is the female energy – with attributes such as cooling, creativity, stillness and more. 




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