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5 reasons dry herb vaporizers are here to stay

Sakoilsky. All Needs Catered [Still Life With Black Plastic Flowered Skull, Wine And Cannabis]
Sakoilsky. All Needs Catered [Still Life With Black Plastic Flowered Skull, Wine And Cannabis]

Cannabis consumption habits have changed and this is largely due to innovations with regards to consumption methods. No longer are people only consuming cannabis via smoking methods that carry health risks, now people are experimenting with many forms of consumption such as edibles and dry herb vaporizers, like the Crafty Vaporizer available at MagicVaporizer. The world is shifting to more convenience and people are on the go which is contributing to the use of dry herb vaporizers. It is no secret that the cannabis industry is massive, worth over $61 billion in the US alone, dry herb vaporizers are incredibly popular, and below will explore some of the reasons why.


Privacy is very important and even though the stigma attached to cannabis consumption is gone, there is still a desire to be clean and not attract any attention when consuming.  Dry herb vaporizers are perfect because they offer the user discretion. For one, it does not produce a smell so you don’t have to worry about lingering smells on your clothes, hair, and fingers. There is also less smoke produced with this consumption method which is great for being discreet. Because of the discretion, dry herb vaporizers are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and the fact that there is no smell and little smoke is very helpful for people living with others. 


Dry herb vaporizers are very convenient because it is portable meaning you can take it with you anywhere and you can smoke on the go. There is also no extra setup involved and it is easy to use, unlike smoking joints that require you to first prepare the dry herb by cleaning and crushing it, then rolling it before you can finally smoke. With a dry herb vaporizer, none of this is necessary, all you need is your vaporizer and your dry herb. A dry herb vaporizer usually consists of the following components:

  • Heating chamber
  • Chamber connector 
  • Battery
  • Mouthpiece 
  • Digital interface to control temperature settings

Your vaporizer will require frequent maintenance if you want to keep it in good working condition, however, it is very easy to clean. Lastly, you might find yourself spending quite a bit of money on a dry herb vaporizer but in the long term, it is actually cheaper because you don’t have to constantly spend money on smoking accessories such as rolling papers and lighters. This is good because it saves you money as well as time. 


When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, you are spoiled for choice because there is a wide variety available including:

  1. Session vaporizers: this is the most common type of vaporizer where you load the oven, switch on the vape, choose your temperature and then inhale until the weed is done. This vape is ideal for newcomers. 
  2. On-demand vaporizers: this vaporizer allows users to enjoy a hit whenever they want instead of vaping all the dry herb in one session. You can vape your desired amount, turn off the vaporizer and then turn it on again when you want another hit. This is ideal for people on the go.

You also get portable and desktop vaporizers and the variety ensures that everyone is catered to.

Healthier than smoking

Smoking joints and blunts involves combustion which exposes your lungs and throat to harmful toxins and tar which could lead to lung cancer and upper airway cancer. Dry herb vaporizers on the other hand work with vapor which is healthier for you, providing a great alternative. Thanks to technology, you now have an option in cannabis consumption methods which is great because you are not forced to consume in a way that is detrimental to your health. 

Better experience 

Vaporizers aren’t just about consuming dry herbs, they offer the user an experience every time. Vaporizers allow you to smoke anywhere and even though they are discreet, you don’t have to be private about consuming and because there is no smell produced, it is ideal for social settings and it also provides more flavor and potency because there are more terpenes that are released when you vape. Finally, the smoke is thicker which adds to the potency and overall experience.



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