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Europe’s Best Curatorial Training Programs

As museums and galleries start to reopen after the pandemic, there is a new sense of optimism for the humanities. And new events and renewed interest in the arts mean more jobs for curators. If you have always dreamt of a job at a museum or a gallery, but never knew where to start, or are already a professional in the area, a curatorial training program might just be the ticket. 

We have spoken to a researcher at the educational portal METALECTURE to ask her about the top institutions in Europe that offer courses in curatorship. Here is her advice.

British Museum International Training Programme – London, United Kingdom

If you already have some background in the area of cultural heritage, the British Museum International Training Programme can help you take your career to a whole new level. The program helps industry professionals acquire specialist knowledge and build new networks. The highlight of the month-long programme is a 10-day internship at a UK institution such as the Birmingham Art Gallery, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford or the Manchester Art Gallery.

De Appel Curatorial Programme – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dating back to 1994, the De Appel Curatorial Programme is one of the first such programs in the world. De Appel’s curriculum focuses on the areas of archiving, curatorial programming and educational initiatives during a series of seminars, workshops and excursions. According to its website, the program shifts “attention to emergent economic and ecological strategies, including strategies voiced and practiced by indigenous communities, social reformers and cultural practitioners … that move beyond extractive and destructive production.” It also provides access to a network of visionary practitioners and artists, and an opportunity to learn from field leaders.

Postgraduate Programme in Curating – Zurich, Switzerland

The Postgraduate Programme in Curating at the Institute for Cultural Studies at the Zurich University of the Arts has been “conceived of as a discursive platform which imparts key areas of contemporary exhibition-making by way of praxis-oriented project ­work.” The course focuses on practical situations that give participants an experience of curating, as well as lectures and seminars. The Certificate of Advanced Studies can be taken over two semesters while the Master of Advanced Studies certificate requires four semesters of study.

International Master’s Program in Curating – Stockholm, Sweden

The International Master’s Program in Curating at the Stockholm University in Sweden focuses on art, management and law. It provides participants with practical and theoretical know-how about setting up exhibitions, productions and presentations. The course is composed of lectures, tutorials, hands-on projects and a 10-week placement at either a Swedish or an international institution. 

POOL Curator Training Programme – Zurich, Switzerland

The POOL Curator training programme at the LUMA Westbau encompasses a collaboration with private collectors from around the globe and a training program for curators who wish to expand their skill base. The course focuses on different models of curatorial work and gives participants the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s top art collectors. 



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