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3 Ways ‘Different’ Types of Art Comes Alive Thanks to Technology

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Art can be expressed in many different ways, especially with the arrival of new tech innovations in today’s modern world

Thanks to the digital era, artists now have new ways to express themselves creatively. Although paintings, sculptures, and drawings are generally considered to be the traditional categories of art, many different projects in today’s world place technology at the heart of the creative process, breathing new life into to conventional forms of artistry. In this article we take a look at three different ways art is portrayed with the help of tech, and how the concept of what a standard “artist” ought to be, is being flipped on its head in modern society.  

Website Creation

In 2021, there are over 2 billion websites on the internet. Given these figures, it’s clear that website designers are needed now more than ever in this flourishing industry. While website design may not take shape as a painting in a traditional museum, these platform creators should undoubtedly be considered artists. After all, they use technology, and their creative minds, to make sites that capture attention and appeal to different audiences. They merge color and fonts and photo content to make one complete, tech-assisted virtual art product for online customers.

Game Design

Most people may not consider game designers to be artists, but the fact of the matter is that these visual creators go through a similar creative process to painters or sculptors. Concepts and rough sketches are developed into visually pleasing characters, settings, or game objects. For example, in the online casino gaming world, designers are influential in the creation of slot games from beginning to end. Many slot designers are artists that are in charge of drawing symbols, characters, and background settings which later become full-fledged components on the reels. Because it is quite normal for slot titles to take on different themes, such as Ancient Egypt, Blockbuster Movies or the Wild West, designers must adapt their art to reflect a consistent message to gamers. Furthermore, nowadays there is an even bigger need for quality design for slots, as the number of slots gamers continues to grow across the net. As this activity increases, it is common for casino providers to offer certain deals for new users who may be interested in playing slots or other casino games for the first time. For game designers, this means the future is bright. These artists will continue to be commissioned to create everything from bright fruity slots to virtual roulette wheels and more.

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

Nowadays, the creative process is done using tech tools and devices rather than traditional methods

Graphic Artists The above jobs would not be possible without the help of graphic artists. These contemporary creatives showcase their artwork for multiple platforms powered by technology as well as print media, advertisements, and more. Although their products may not come in the form of a 4×5 watercolor painting, their art still has a very discrete mission: to tell a story or communicate a message, and allow audiences to garner some emotion from it. In fact, in an interview by British contemporary artist Sara Arnett, the designer and illustrator state that the distinction between graphic designer and artist is not so important. In the end, all art is an expression of human creativity. However, with the help of technology, this creativity is given even greater room to flourish.



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