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The Shoo Sho

Hein Koh, Who lived in a Shoe, 2021 © Hein Koh Courtesy the artist and gallery

Playing with the Anton Kern Gallery WINDOW space peculiarities — a gallery that can only be seen from the outside and never entered — and referencing its location in Lower Manhattan near Soho, Julie Curtiss has organized The Shoo Sho, inspired by the Shoe Store window displays that populate the area.

Henry Gunderson, Zoo Tripper, 2021 © Henry Gunderson Courtesy the gallery and artist

With an array of works that riff on the concept of the shoe and its potential materials and display, the exhibition offers a quirky, diverse, and fun opportunity to contemplate the Shoo for both its ordinary purpose and its extraordinary form as a coveted and luxurious accessory.

Lauren Clay, Slumped wedge, 2021 © Lauren Clay Courtesy the artist and Gallery

The Shoo Sho, curated by Julie Curtiss Opening Wednesday, June 30th at WINDOW
91 Walker Street (corner of Walker and Lafayette Street) On view 24/7

Featuring artists: Carl D’Alvia, Genesis Belanger, Lauren Clay, Julie Curtiss, Nick Doyle, Martino Gamper, Adam Green, Henry Gunderson, Clinton King, Hein Koh, Austin Lee, Richard McGuire, David Shrigley, Jessica Stoller,
Francis Upritchard & Steven Junil Park, Ryan Wilde

Austin Lee, Boot, 2021 © Austin Lee Courtesyrtist and gallery



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