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5 Creative Ways To Smoke Cannabis

Smoking weed is quite common in older people and younger adults. If you are reading this you’re most likely also a smoker. The reputation of weed has become quite positive and far-reaching since studies have been made on its medicinal properties. Chances are there are dispensaries close by or within your region, a reputable and professional dispensary is Canna Cabana.   

Although weed is popular, sometimes smoking a regular joint just doesn’t complete the experience. Luckily there are plenty of other methods to ingest weed at home. Here are 5 creative ways to smoke cannabis.  

  1. Corn husks 

This old-fashioned form of smoking originated in Jamaica and it’s a brilliant way to get high while also using up something you would otherwise throw out. The smoke from this is a bit harsher than standard rolling papers but it is just as safe – if not more if the corn was cultivated organically. 

You want to use the most inner layer of the husk because it’s a lot thinner, smoother, and easier to twist – it’s also tastier. To roll this joint you first have to dry out the inner layer of the husks – leave it out in the sun for a day or in a warm oven for a couple of hours. You want to cut or tear apart the husks so they are the right size and then you can store them for use later as well. When you want to smoke it we the husk a little with water and let it sit for a couple of minutes, this should make the husk stick together when you roll it. Hand dry it again with a paper towel and then just use the husk to roll the joint just like using the regular rolling paper. If your husk isn’t sealing up tight enough for your liking you can tear a long strip off from another husk and use it to tie the end of the joint. Using corn husks makes the weed burn slow and evenly. You can also purchase corn husk rolling papers however, they may be hard to find. 

  1. Flavored rolling paper 

Yes, this may be a bit basic but it will definitely shake up your smoking routine. Flavored rolling papers are meant to enhance the natural taste of rolling papers. Usually, they come in fruity and sweet flavors that complement the weed and even enhance the flavor of the weed itself. These papers also suppress your cravings and munchies if you are prone to over-snacking while smoking. 

Most flavored papers only have flavoring in the gum line however you can also get papers with flavoring in the entire paper as well as the gum line. Finding papers with flavor throughout the paper excites all of the taste buds and the flavor is retained on the lips. Many people prefer to smoke natural rolling papers nowadays to avoid inhaling chemicals and make sure they’re getting the full medicinal effects of cannabis. Many natural rolling papers are hemp-based with natural sugar glue others may be made from flax rice or other ingredients. Make sure to check the package details to make sure you know what kind of paper you are buying. 

The most common flavors of these rolling papers include fruity ones such as cherry, coconut, grape, apple, mango, mint, and other common flavors. However, there are also more unexpected flavors available such as birthday cake, bubblegum, root beer; and even alcohol-inspired ones like rum, brandy, and tequila. 

  1.  Apple pipes 

This is quite a unique way of smoking cannabis. An apple pipe is sometimes also referred to as an apple bong, this smoking device takes only a couple of minutes to get ready. Smoking from an apple is nice and easy if you have nothing else to smoke from, using an apple pipe is also a discrete cannabis consumption method

What you’ll need is an apple, a ballpoint pen, and cannabis. First, take the ink and the tip off of the pen, you only need the empty pen casing for this. Twist off the stem of the apple, make sure it’s as close to the apple as possible. Puncture the apple at the top of it (where the stem was) and push the pen in about halfway through. You want to end up with apple bits inside the hollow pen. Now choose a spot on the side of the apple and line it up so that the first hole you punctured will meet this hole on the side. Puncture another hole in the side of the apple and blow through the side hole (mouthpiece) to remove leftover apple bits. Next, do the same thing as you did with the mouthpiece to create a carb to control the hit. Make sure this chamber intersects with the systems you have created. Lastly, place your ground cannabis into the top of the apple and light it in the same way you would light a glass pipe. 

  1. Dab rigs

Have you ever walked into a cannabis retail market or shop and seen those really nice glass sculpture-looking vases and wondered what they were used for? Well, most likely you were looking at a dab rig. These water pipes diffuse heat instead of providing intense filtration in order to maximize the flavor of the cannabis concentrates. Dab rigs are also called oil rags, vapor rags, or concentrate pipes. They work very similarly to a bong. However, you cant just buy a dab rig and expect to be a pro at using it the first time. 

There is a technique and quite a few accessories needed to use these properly. The key steps of using dab rigs are heating the nail with a torch, placing concentrate on the nail, and then inhaling the vapor produced. It sounds easy but does require practice so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t go well the first time. 

Today dab pipes include a glass piece, a nail, a dabber, a torch, and a carb cap. Carb caps have increased in popularity recently because they let you dab at lower temperatures and the vapor holds in the nail for a longer time. Dab rigs have no become quite a prominent part of the cannabis industry and culture. 

  1. Hookah pipes 

These pipes originate from Europe and Asia, at first used to smoke tobacco. When smoking cannabis in these pipes you can also mix it with shisha. The hookah has 4 essential components to it. The head of the hookah is often made of clay, marble, or glass; it holds the cannabis and is covered by a screen or aluminum foil. Coals are then placed on top to heat up the component in the head. The wind cover – placed on top of the bowl area (the head) prevents ash from being blown out. The hose is the smoke that you draw smoke from. 

How it works is that the jar at the bottom of the contraption is filled with water. Then the cannabis is placed inside the bowl at the top of the hookah. Vapor is passed down the body tube into the water in the jar. When you inhale from the hose the smoke passes through your lungs and the air pressure inside the hookah changes and the process is repeated. There are some health concerns when using a hookah, especially sharing it with many people so be mindful you are prioritizing your health when using one. 

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