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Company Gallery now represents Women’s History Museum

Women’s History Museum, Experience, 2021, Airbrushed leopard mannequins, WHM clothing, and raffia

Women’s History Museum was founded by Mattie Barringer (b. 1990) and Amanda McGowan (b. 1990) in 2015 out of the desire to create novel and previously unseen images of beauty. The duo engages with fashion as a medium that has the potential to exist beyond regurgitative spectacle and the ability to change the fabric of reality. Their art practice, which includes sculpture, film, painting, drawing, photography and performance, is dictated by meticulously sourced historical materials and close collaborations with other artists who often double as models in their fashion shows. In an effort to encompass the psychic reality of fashion and foster a creative community, they interrogate the idea of the museum and insist on alternative and inclusive methods of recording history.

Recent solo exhibitions include those at Company Gallery, New York; LUMA Westbau, Zurich; Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York, and Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore. Their most recent Fashion Show, “SEZX”, occurred at Company Gallery in February 2020



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