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The Top 6 Art Exhibitions to see in London in June

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic picks his top art exhibitions to see. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for youReaders should also see last week’s top 6 exhibitions to see, as half are still open to visit.

Karen McLean: Blue Power | Ar’n’t I A Woman @ Block 336

Two powerful installations within this underground space cover issues surrounding womanhood, migration and slavery. A stunning blue room contains crosses and a sea of 12,000 paper boats all overseen by a portrait of a blue devil. Referencing slavery, migration, religious practices and murder rates in the Caribbean. Until 12 June.

Rewild: Orlanda Broom @ Grove Square Galleries

Step into a gallery full of plants that complement Orlanda Broom’s bright blooming floral paintings that feel like something out of a fantasy landscape. It’s a magical experience that’s the perfect escape we all need as London’s art scene springs back to life. Until 11 June.

Gretchen Andrew: Other Forms of Travel @ Annka Kultys Gallery

Gretchen Andrew hasn’t featured on the cover of ArtForum but search for it on Google images and her vision board of a cover of ArtForum pops up. She has hacked Google so that it’s her visions that appear top of the search. It reminds me of how much we trust Google as an objective source when it’s open to manipulation just as our minds are to consumerism as seen by her other mood boards. Until 6 June.

Miaz Brothers: The Past, Present and Imperceptible @ Maddox Gallery

If you try to imagine what the Mona Lisa looks like, the image in your mind’s eye will have a good approximation but can you remember the intricate details? The Miaz Brothers recreate masterpieces but with a fuzziness that is like our own memories of them — all the more impressive when you realise it’s created using spray paint. Until 10 June.

Werner Buttner: No Scene from My Studio @ Simon Lee Gallery

From the everyday such as a coat stand next to a glass of wine to the disturbing image of a black leopard killing its prey, Werner Buttner paints scenes that range from the mundane to the disturbing as a horse in front of a giant wall feels like a clear political reference to Trump’s border wall. Until 10 June. 

Aidan Salakhova: The Dust Became the Breath @ Gazelli Art House

Beautifully sculpted works made from marble look at religion using symbolism mixed with exploring feminine and masculine sexuality. Melding Islamic theology and Western feminism, without judgement, allows her to bring her diverse cultural influences together. Until 6 June. 

All images copyright artist and gallery. 



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