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Film Museums in Europe Movie Buffs Will Love

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The outbreak of covid-19 has placed limitations on various aspects of our lives, so it is little surprise that the pandemic has also affected the film industry. Not only did cinemas close but film productions also had to be halted. 

Not many realize that this is not the first time a pandemic stopped Hollywood in its tracks. The influenza of 1918 had a similar effect on the film industry as covid-19, says the founder of LATENIGHTSTREAMING.com.

“In 1918, the film industry in the US was booming with around 20,000 theatres across the country. This was about to change, with huge silent actors such as Lillian Gish coming down with the disease.”

With cinemas and museums set to reopen, there has never been a better time to learn about the history of movies and cinema. Here are four film museums in Europe to get you started.

London Film Museum 

Originally known as the Movieum of London, the London Film Museum in Covent Garden features a collection of costumes, props and other film-related paraphernalia. It also showcases film sets and information about the movie-making process. Visitors can also learn about major British film-making studios. The museum also holds thematic exhibitions. The latest offering, Bond in Motion, has featured James Bond vehicles and film props, including the Aston Martin DB5 from the 1995 film GoldenEye

German Film Museum

Paying homage to Germany’s film culture, Frankfurt’s German Film Museum documents the history of cinema from the 19th century onwards. One of the venue’s highlights is a replica of the Grand Cafe where the Lumiere brothers screened numerous scenes from daily life in France on December 28, 1895. The venue is also well-known for its collaboration with film-makers on experimental films. 

The museum’s cinema, which dates back to 1971, screens a lineup of select films from around the globe. With the motto of showing “different films differently,” the movies screened at the cinema are chosen for their artistic value, as well as social and political messages.

The Hollywood Museum

As its name suggests, the Hollywood Museum is located in Hollywood, California, and is dedicated to the history of American film and television. The expansive museum is home to over 11,000 pieces of memorability including film props, costumes, scripts and photographs. 

One of the more memorable of the museum’s artifacts is Marilyn Monroe’s famous million dollar dress, which she wore when singing happy birthday to JFK. The museum also showcases sets from cult horror films, and four make up rooms used by the famous Hollywood makeup artist and wig maker Max Factor.

The Museum of Cinema, France

A firm favorite with fans of European and French films, The Museum of Cinema in Paris holds one of the world’s biggest collection of movie-related artifacts. Dating back to 1936, the museum is home to over 10,000 costumes and set drawings, 18,000 posters, 450,000 photos, 2,600 videos and 1,350 DVDs.

Fans of architecture will also be in their element here since the museum is located in a striking building designed by the famous American architect Frank Gehry.



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