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Stuart Semple & his Marvellous ‘Magic’ Memory Machine.

Marvellous Memory Machine © Stuart Semple Studios

Renowned conceptual artist Stuart Semple announces his Marvellous Memory Machine, a major new project to preserve local memories with, coming to Bournemouth this month. Stuart is working in collaboration with Bobby’s, the resurrected iconic former Debenhams department store, as part of a shared longer-term commitment towards local history, community, arts and culture within the region.

The Marvellous Memory Machine takes the form of a customised Victorian bathing hut, set to tour the local area as soon as COVID restrictions allow. The artwork will first appear in Bournemouth Town Centre 14th – 28th May, however, you can also interact with it online from today. People with memories of Bournemouth are invited to visit www.marvellousmemorymachine.com where they can record their video stories, with the option for them to be shared on social media.

Locals are invited to visit the Memory Machine in person in The Square from 14th to 28th May and to take a moment to add their memories of the town. Shortly after this initial residency, the artwork will tour the local community, from schools to care homes.

“There are so many incredible local stories; I’m fascinated by all the old photographs that are circulating online. I hope that my art project will result in a video archive of local memories and it’ll be a way to build a bridge between the older and younger generations.”

Stuart Semple



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