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Contemporary Artists join Non-Monetary Art Auction


This Saturday May 8th 2021, four UK-based contemporary artists will be selling their artworks in an auction like no other. Organised by experimental art collectives Exotero and YAMI-ICHI, Money Can’t Buy You Art: Non-Monetary Art Auction is an online auction that replaces cash payment with non-monetary exchanges. Here, money is powerless. Instead, buyers barter their skills, objects and offers in exchange for artworks.

“When the bidders are asked to offer anything but money, they realise that they have to listen carefully to what the artist has to say and think creatively about what they can offer. Unlike the traditional art auction, bidders and the artists can make personal connections. That’s the beautiful thing about this event. ” –

Sachiko Osawa, Founder of YAMI-ICHI

The auction is the final event in the Traversing Borders programme: a series of digital events with the aim of helping emerging artists find their footing in today’s art industry. The auction will feature Glasgow-based sculptor Rebecca Tucker, London-based performance artist Henry Blackwell, Israeli oil painter Shani Haquin and Bristol-based multidisciplinary artist Mernywernz.

The auction is free and open to all. TICKETS HERE

Rebecca Tucker

Since its inception in 2017, this will be YAMI-ICHI’s fifth time staging a non-monetary art auction. The previous events took place in 3 different countries across the globe and were widely attended by people from all walks of life. The Tokyo event alone attracted a footfall of 700 visitors. The auction brings an experimental edge into the art market and challenges the current perception of art as a commodity.

For emerging artists, this is an invaluable opportunity to meet potential collaborators and clients, learn how to value their work and practice the skills needed to establish an art career. Traversing Borders offers a fresh iteration to the non-monetary auction, exploring the vast potential of digital events.

Shani Haquin

“Collaborating with YAMI-ICHI and our four artists has been incredible. Together, we have found some really creative and alternative ways to support artists through a time of isolation and difficulty.’ –

Sabrina, Exotero Co-Founder.


YAMI-ICHI (‘Black market’ in Japanese) is an international art project that replicates a traditional art auction, but replaces cash payments with non-monetary trade-offs and exchanges. The project seeks to answer the question – ‘Other than monetary cost, how can art be valued?’. YAMI-ICHI challenges the current perception of art as a commodity in a capitalistic art market and to encourage young and emerging artists to re-evaluate how their work can be perceived and connect them with potential clients or future collaborators. yamiichi-art.com/



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