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Big Blur a sculptural play on reality @ Sotheby’s

In late 2020 MSCHF released an eCommerce performance art piece called “Blur.” It lived on an eCommerce website (whatisblur.com) where the object for sale appeared to be blurred out, with the idea that you must purchase it to receive it in person and ‘reveal’ what it actually was.

Upon receipt, however, you discovered that the object was exactly as advertised – a solid, brick of what appears to be a stack of $20 bills that has been blurred on all faces. What looked like a blurred photo was in fact an unblurred image of a blurry 3D object.

It did insanely well! It sold out in under one minute, received over 100 million views on TikTok, and even sold better than KAWS on the secondary market. With this success, MSCHF decided to create Big Blur, a one-of-a-kind art piece that is similar to the original Blur, but is now a stack of $100 bills and stands 5 ft tall.

Big Blur is on auction at Sotheby’s with the bid being $42,000 and climbing.



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