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Time Decorated: The Musical Influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat,

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Horn Players, 1983 © The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York. Photo: Douglas M. Parker Studio, Los Angeles.
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Horn Players, 1983 © The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York. Photo: Douglas M. Parker Studio, Los Angeles.

The Broad has announced Time Decorated: The Musical Influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat, a three-part video series dedicated to the famed New York City artist. The video series includes three segments, Jazz and Bebop, Punk and No Wave, and Bebop to Hip-Hop via Basquiat, where musicians, creatives and scholars discuss the impact of each music genre on Basquiat’s now iconic style. All three segments were filmed at The Broad, in newly installed Basquiat galleries displaying the museum’s uniquely deep representation of the artist’s work.

“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time”

Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988)


Home to an unparalleled collection of Basquiat’s art, The Broad seeks to honour his legacy by exploring its musical foundations. For the first time in the museum’s five-year history, all thirteen paintings by Basquiat in the Broad collection will be on view when the museum reopens to the public, including Horn Players, Untitled 1981, and With Strings II. New digital tours and a segment of the series Up Close with The Broad’s Curators will give the public access to the Basquiat installation as well as a deeper look at his works while the museum is currently closed due to COVID-19.

Launching on January 21st, across The Broad’s digital platforms, the first video segment of the series, Jazz and Bebop, was produced, co-directed and written by Alyssa Lein Smith of Quincy Jones Productions and features LA jazz musician Terrace Martin, as well as input from Quincy Jones himself. Martin delves into how the bebop genre, birthed in New York City much like Basquiat, played a role in his artistic vision.

“The Broad’s new series, Time Decorated, offers nuanced insights from commentators whose expertise and knowledge in jazz and bebop, hip- hop, and afro-punk illuminate music’s bedrock role in Basquiat’s life and art. The series explores the wealth of music references in his paintings and the themes of justice and resistance inseparable from those references. As the museum with the deepest representation of Basquiat’s work in the United States, The Broad strives to present programming to bring to our audience a clear understanding of his achievements.”

Founding Director Joanne Heyler
Beef Ribs Longhorn 1982 acrylic, oilstick, and paper collage on canvas mounted on tied wood supports 60 x 60 in. (152.4 x 152.4 cm) © The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York

The series includes works by bebop artists such as Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and Max Roach. Music for this segment includes Ornithology by Parker, Hot House by Parker and Gillespie, Ol Man Rebop by Gillespie, and music from Martin’s Dinner Party.

“We’ve got to know where we come from in order to get where we want to go, and institutions like The Broad are essential to helping us achieve that goal. The museum building may be temporarily closed, but informative exploration never is, and that’s exactly what the Time Decorated series is all about. It’s always an honour to work with my brother Terrace Martin and The Broad!”

Quincy Jones said,

On January 28th, The Broad will launch Punk and No Wave, hosted by James Spooner, co- founder of the Afropunk Festival and who ran an underground club on Canal Street in the early ‘90’s. The segment features tunes by James Chance and The Contortions, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Basquiat’s band Gray, Liquid Liquid, DNA, and Mars. Following Punk and No Wave comes Bebop to Hip-Hop Via Basquiat, featuring Professor Todd Boyd of USC. He will speak about the through lines from bebop to early hip-hop via use of particular iconography in Basquiat’s paintings and showcase musical pillars such as Public Enemy, Rammellzee, and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

During the temporary closure of the museum due to COVID-19, The Broad has introduced new ways to present its unparalleled collection to the public including Talks & Conversations, Artist Spotlights, and Family Art Workshops. Last fall the museum unveiled L.A. Intersections, a three-part video series, filmed at The Broad, that incorporated music, poetry, and dance into the museum’s galleries.
The Broad’s digital programming is available on-demand at thebroad.org/fromhome

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