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Get Organized: 3 Ways to Manage Your Time Better

Time management is a skill that some of us are gifted with and others – not so much. No matter how old you are or what kind of life you lead, time management is something that you will always benefit from. Whether this is in a job setting, doing an exam, or even meeting a friend, if you cannot manage your time well then this may lead to complications. It is a skill that everyone can pick up, so read on to find out a few tips on how to get started. 

Wake Up And Go To Sleep Early 

It is almost impossible to be efficient with your time if you are exhausted. Step one for becoming more on the ball with managing your time is to make sure you are going to bed and getting up at a reasonable time. Not only will this help you have more energy and increase your efficiency throughout the day, but it will also help you get into a consistent schedule. Once you are on a good schedule, it will be much easier to plan your daily activities. Additionally, it is much healthier for you to sleep and wake up at a good time rather than staying up really late and allowing yourself massive lie-ins since your body clock will get confused. 

Plan Out Your Week 

Planning out your week in terms of work, hobbies, socializing and anything else that may come under that is an effective way to manage your time. Putting all of your commitments into one place will really help you know what you are doing and when you have spare time. Here is a guide to using Google calendar, which will help you keep track of your life and not let you fall behind in anything. It is best to put absolutely everything in the calendar, just so you are extra reassured that you won’t miss anything. This includes your own commitments such as any hobbies or any dates booked in to see friends, any sports clubs that you or your family are attending, and also due dates for any assignments or homework for the kids. 

Pre-plan Your Meals 

Cooking actually takes up a surprisingly large amount of time, particularly if you are cooking for a family. The process of planning meals in your head, buying the ingredients, and actually cooking them is quite a big hassle and can end up taking valuable time away from your week. One way to combat this is to pre-plan your meals. This can include making a list of food you require for the week, which takes into account all of the meals you will be eating and also pre-preparing the food where possible. If you pre-cook a large meal and freeze part of it, you can use this for future meals and it will be as easy as getting it out of the freezer and quickly defrosting it. If you have a busy schedule, future you will be very grateful for doing this. 

It is important that even with pre-prepared meals that every meal is healthy and contains a good mixture of vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates. Just because you are preparing efficiently, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality or the nutritional value of what you are making. 

Once you get into the swing of managing your time and feeling on top of life, the rewards you experience will be completely worth the effort you put in. It will help you feel happy and motivated and will keep you wanting to try new things since you will have made sufficient time to do this.



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