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The Importance of Personality

Good looks are a great thing, but they don’t hold a candle to having a great personality. The personality you have will facilitate each of those great life moments and will be the one thing you’re most remembered for. Keep in mind just how much personality accounts for if you ever become too concerned about how you look. Here’s a quick look at why it’s so important.

Personalised number plate from CarReg


Your looks won’t make you overly interesting or for too long…at least not in any of the ways that count. Being interesting has to do with how you’re able to grab peoples’ attention. There are loads of ways to do this, too, even if you aren’t anywhere around – like a personalised number plate, or funny bumper stickers that show your own personal style. Personality is critical all the time. Think about 2 people. One of them might be the most beautiful person in your acquaintance and the other, the most interesting. Who would you enjoy being stuck in an elevator with the most? 

It Changes

We all know that just as the style in our homes changes throughout the years, our personality does too. If you don’t have an outstanding personality at the moment, you can always get a better one simply by thinking about what it would take for you to become more likeable. That said, remain true to who you are. Remember that your partners, family, and friends will enjoy seeing you grow as a person the older you get way more than they relish seeing how your appearance ages. For example, if you’re filled with anger, those near and dear to you will enjoy watching you mellow out with age. Nobody will ever be proud of you for simply getting gray hair and wrinkles.

It Helps Professionally (or Can Be a Hindrance)

Having a great personality can work wonders for your personal brand and help you progress in your love life, social life, and in your career. Prospective employers will wish to hire you when you happen to have a good rapport when they meet or talk to you. Once you’ve attained the position, your personality will go a long way when it comes to getting into and staying in the good graces of your boss. If your personality is good, they’ll not mind spending time with you. This can open more doors for you than for those who don’t have a good personality.

It Distinguishes Us

There might be hundreds of your doppelgangers in the world. One of the reasons personality is so important is that it makes us unique. Some of your doppelgangers might be positive thinkers like you, but even out of those few, they won’t have each and every one of your inner qualities. Many people don’t ever do things that can improve their personality. This makes them similar to quite a few people in both their personality and their looks. For example, a surfer who has great abs and no personality just won’t be able to compare with someone who has real stories they can tell.

It Won’t Fade

Finally, keep this in mind. Good looks will fade eventually. One day you’ll wake up to find an old person staring back at you from the mirror. Nothing can stop that aside from an early death. On the other hand, your personality will remain with you forever. It will be what people remember about you long after they can no longer clearly picture your face. They’ll reminisce about the good times you had together, which were made possible because of your personality.



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