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Must-have Features of Modern Chat Apps

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Statistically, if a person can contact a brand via chats, they feel more confident about the brand. Today, we can see that the world is moving away from SMS or MMS. These communication methods are recognized as obsolete, expensive, and ineffective. We can see that instant messaging applications are more popular among users. Moreover, messengers aren’t only used for sharing personal text messages. It’s a powerful marketing tool as well. If you are going to build a robust app like WhatsApp or Viber, follow this link https://litslink.com/blog/how-to-build-chat-app-like-whatsapp; here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do this yourself. In this post, we’ll look at the basic features of messenger apps. Get comfortable and have a look!

User Login

If you are using apps like Viber or Whatsapp, you probably know that messaging is not only about sharing short text messages. It’s a more powerful solution that can meet lots of goals. A must-have tool of any messaging app is user login. A user needs to type their phone number and verify it in the app. It’s a fast and simple verification form for users. You can also add email verification. Learn more about your targeted audience and choose the most suitable solution for you.

Message broadcasting

This option is a must-have tool of any messaging application. It allows users to create a group of people and send messages for selected contacts. However, you have to remember that broadcasting and group messages aren’t the same features. Message broadcasting doesn’t allow users to identify the phone numbers of other users. However, it’s a superb tool for those who need to send promotional messages.

Cloud Synchronisation

This option enables users to keep photos, videos, or audios in various places. Messaging apps are usually stored in the cloud. This means that a user can access the app from any device and see the chat history and files. For instance, WhatsApp enables users to back up chats. Telegram, another well-known messaging app, uses full-fledged cloud synchronization.  You have to consider this option while building your chat app.

Push notification

Can you imagine a messaging app without push notifications? It’s impossible! It’s a mandatory option that provides direct communication between a messenger provider and an app user. Moreover, it’s main goal is to inform users about new messages.

You can also add the option that allows your users to see when their contacts go online, when messages are already read or when a person begins typing a message. When your chat application has all these features, it will surely grab the attention of the audience.


Geolocation options have numerous benefits. Today, lots of instant messengers are already using this tool. Its overriding purpose is to enable users to share their locations with others. Moreover, the geolocation option is a superb solution for those who run their business online. Any brand can promote its services by sending notifications about new products or current discounts to customers located near the shop at the moment.

Video and Voice Calls

Any modern chat app should also allow users to make video and voice calls. They will surely make your application more social. It goes without saying that video and voice calls enable users to communicate with each other without any limits. Thanks to this feature, users can make business calls or communicate with their friends even if they are abroad. Group calls provide users with the capability to make audio or video conversations in groups.

Customized Profile

Add a few options that allow your users to change their names, background colors, fonts, or choose an avatar photo. If you add all these options, you’ll create a customizable mobile chat app that will surely become popular among users.

Overall, we can see that instant messaging applications are the future of online communication. Moreover, the modern messaging market is continuously growing. Even when it seems like it is hard to build an app like WhatsApp or Viber, you still have a chance to achieve that goal. There’s still some space for quality messengers that can give users a new experience. Find a reputable software development team that will bring your ideas to life!




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