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The best watches to invest in

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From Rolex Daytona to Seamaster from Omega, and from Carrera from Tag Heuer to Grandmaster from Patek Philippe, watches tell the story of human perseverance and persistence. From the sundial to all the way to anti-gravity watches, they have come a long way. Some of the most prized collectible watches are among the best engineering marvels too.

Today, the top 5 watches that rank among the best collectibles and best watches worth investing are from just a couple of brands.

In the above chart you can tell which ones are these. Patek Philippe undoubtedly aces all the checks. And, Rolex barely manages to be on the list with one offering. The price of Grandmaster Chime 6300A surpasses 23,000,000 British Pounds, and that can easily go past the 12% mark in just 3 years. Based on surveys, it has been found that a $100 British Pound investment will fetch you easily around $112.63 by 2025, that is, 3 years from now. This means the value of Grandmaster Chime will become 2,760,000 Pounds more.

Investments in riches, estates are one thing, but to invest in watches which are collectibles is another. Their prices increase as the watches are rare, not manufactured in huge lots, and are designed to stand the test of time. These can easily last you a lifetime, and beyond. So, Watches Maketh a man, and if you have big pockets, invest in a couple of them today.

Some of the richest people use high-end expensive watches as collaterals for high-stake betting at the world’s leading casinos. The luxury, the demand, and the value of an Omega Seamaster cannot be exaggerated. And, neither can be a Tourbillon. There are not just these two, but quite a handsome number of brands that make some of the collectible selling watches.

But, what is the right watch for you? If you are investing, go for the ones that have consistently ranked at the top. Take the last 10 years and find the watches that have always had very high resale value, where authenticity and rarity are worth a lot of money.

Some of the most luxurious watches that have a staggeringly high rate card as follows. Of course, this is a list of this year, but you can find several such surveys.

  • Patek Philippe Titanium 5208T was selling at £4,853,249 in 2017, while it rose to £5,253,249 by the end of the year and is still holding its turf.
  • The Rolex Daytona Unicorn 6265 costs $5,823,041 today, and kind of money is not cheap.
  • The Grandmaster Chime became news itself when it became the first watch to become the most expensive watch to be ever sold at over $31 Million, in November of 2019.

What does this Tell Us about Watches?

The timekeepers of today will be the masters of tomorrow. The expensive timepieces that are worth investing will give dividends in the future, and you can use them as collaterals for any kind of business. Their value is simply unimaginable, in the distant future.



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