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Zien x Ed Fornieles drop contemporary art on WhatsApp

Zien x Ed Fornieles drop contemporary art on WhatsApp FAD Magazine

At an unknown time on September 10, Zien in collaboration with London based Artist Ed Fornieles will trigger the inaugural drop. This is the first of roughly two drops a month, where contemporary artists will release a limited number of unfabricated artworks on Zien called ‘Scarce Editions’; digital files of a work, with a license and instructions to make it into a physical object. By joining Zien’s WhatsApp broadcast collectors can try to claim Scarce Editions for free, or upgrade to unlock pre-drop alerts and ‘Backroom’ access.

Drop 01 will see Ed Fornieles release a new work called; ‘Association Grid: Dark Night’, which includes 4 individual Scarce Editions that combine to create a larger ‘association grid’. Unlocking the ‘Backroom’ is initiated by using the ‘upgrade’ command in the Zien WhatsApp broadcast – included are pre-drop alerts and access to private online events ahead of the drop on September 10th.

Holsgrove believes Zien could address an outdated feature of the art market – how visual art is distributed and who can acquire it;

“We see Zien as a way to engage a broader audience for art with spin-offs of an individual or body of work, not limited to income or location. If we can find a repeatable model Zien should help activate and grow a new generation of online first art collectors”

To access the inaugural drop, head to @ziendotio on Instagram.



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